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Fibroscan results improvement in NAFLD?

Hi All,

I have NAFLD and had my first fibroscan yesterday which gave a score of 6.7. My hepatologist advised me to lose weight by diet and exercise and once I reached a target weight he expected this to reverse and the fibroscan result to go back to normal. He told me the fibrosis tissue gets "eaten" by the cells responsible for the inflammation.

Has anyone seen improved fibroscan results after weight loss?

Thanks for your replies, the website has been a great help.

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You should improve the fibroscan score if you stop the inflammation. it takes a while, but the liver is amazing.


Thanks a lot, its nice to to know others have seen improvement.


Mine dropped 5 points in a year with weight loss. Still way above normal but enough to give me confidence.

It is down to the fat around the liver being reduced though as I have cirrhosis. For fibrosis I have heard of drastic improvements from weight loss. If fibrosis is not too bad apparently it can be reversed as fibrosis, unlike cirrhosis, is not scar tissue.


Thanks a lot, it's good to know that this does actually improve with weight loss. I hope you continue to see improvement.


My fibroscan was 10.1 4 weeks ago.

I have lost 1/2 a stone and been out for a walk everyday.

Today my fibroscan was 7.01

I am waiting for results from blood test

and would like to lose another 1/2 stone. I weight 9st 2 lb at the moment.

I have another appointment at the hospital in 2 weeks.


Thanks for the reply pau7, that's good news and encouraging for others. Good luck with your weight loss


Hello, yes my fibroscan in May was 12.2 so I was told I could lose weight or have a liver biopsy, so decided to lose weight and went back Friday for another fibroscan and blood results, blood results normal, and fibroscan reading was down to 6, it is working!i go back in six months, just to see the nurse. So yes , lose weight, and I'm sure you will be fine.


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