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Understanding your Fibroscan results


If you do not understand your Metapvir score or Fibroscan results this explains it all with regards to your particular liver disease.


Scroll down to photo where woman is having a scan....

click on 'Fibroscan Results: The Scoring Card....Understanding the Results...'

Hope you find this useful...

Fibrosis, cirrhosis from HCV, NAFLD, HBV, Chronic Cholestatic disease, Alcoholic disease, HCV/HIV co-infected

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My result was 75kpa. I know that's bad and the highest score I could get but what does it mean for my future. I have severe cirrhosis caused by alcohol.


As far as i am aware, the fibroscan measures the stiffness of the liver; i have some experience re such a high score; umm you would need to talk to your specialist; have they not told you whether your liver is compensated or decompensated? So is it functioning reasonably ok, and what are all your symptoms?


It's well compensated. No symptoms. The doctor said it could be down to what I ate that morning and other factors.


You must be joking !!!


I see ; good news if no symptoms and well compensated; if alcohol has played any part in your liver condition, stopping is essential however; that way, no more damage can be done and things should stabilise and maybe improve a bit ; if alcohol not the cause, you will obviously have to talk to your consultant. Good luck!


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