Hi, I have had blood test which show a problem with my liver, I had my gall bladder removed a few years ago but now the bile tube has enlarged on my liver to 11mm and is blocked, my GP says it could be a gall stone but all the symptoms show it could be PBC, I am now waiting for a CT scan to confirm what is wrong. has anyone else had this sort of problem? I have very itchy skin, dry mouth, itchy eyes, tiredness and massive head sweats.

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  • I'm having probs in this area too, had GB removed but ALT on the rise and flank pain. My eyes are dry and looking around sjogren's syndrome seemed a possibility, and Vit D deficiency can cause a sweaty head. Having all kinds of tests myself as it's a mystery for now, hope you get some answers soon, keep posting :)

  • I think the frustration is the waiting to find out what the actual problems are good luck

  • My husband had a transplant and since has had a problem with his bile duct. He had most of your symptoms but he had didn't have CT scans, firstly he had an MRCP, which is an MRI of the Bile Duct followed by ERCP where they go down into the bile duct through the oesophagus with a camera and are able to work in there at the same time. So you may need to go through these procedures before you get an answer.

  • Yea its looking that way thanks, they say the CT scan is a cheaper way to see things if they can see the problem using this then a MRCP/MRI is not required, how is your husband doing now?

  • WOW, it concerns me after having a blood test showing something wrong with my bile tube from the liver, its enlarged and something blocking it they sent me for a ultra scan within a week when I was told to go straight back to my GP who would explain things to me, I was told they now require a CT scan to diagnose the problem, I received a call saying I have to go to the Hepatobiliary surgery next week, I have read all the different things that this could be but getting a little worried as all my appointments have been within a 2 week bracket, very unusual to get appointments this quick, although this could be just a gall stone the majority of the information tends to point to cancer of the bile tube/liver, is this normal to be given appointments this quick or is it they have found something they wish to confirm before telling me?

  • Hi. I had PBC and also had those symtoms. I am now 13 months post tx. Mine was confirmed by an ultra scan. Good luck on your scan

  • Try not to worry ok, what was it in your bloods that caused the concern?

  • I had my GB removed in 1982 and periodically eversince I have had digestive problems - in the last 3 years I have had 2 ECRP's to remive 2 and then 3 stones from my common bile duct. Presently I have a "deranged" liver due to the adverse affect blocked ducts have upon it. The reading for normal is 350 and mine was 1000+ the day before I had the ECRP on 13/11/14. My GP said to me on Monday it will take 5/6 weeks for my liver to settle down. I feel really unwell - please don't worrry about the speed of referrals and tests. Biliary colic is horrendous pain and formthi reason and the damage it does - everything happens quickly. I had a referral, MRI and ECRP in two weeks. As speedy as the first ECRP which I had privately

  • I was taken into hospital 2 weeks in a row with upper right abdo pain, beliieved to be a gallstone stone. I had gallbladder removed Jan 2014 by laparoscopy. My liver enzymes were through the roof billiirium 6. My bp was extremely low so put on 6 drips altogether, omoprazole iv. I had ultrasound and mrcp both normal so sent for Hida scan Monday, awaiting results. Struggling to eat, constantly bloated and upper ab severely swollen. Playing waiting game, was told by surgeon on ward if Hida scan comes back abnormal i will be referred to Freeman hospital Newcastle transplant hospital. Trying to work full time in between pain and tiredness but struggling

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