feeling scared

hi everyone x got my follow up fibrous scan in a couple of hours, the last one was in december and had a score of 22kpa, severe fibrosis so today am feeling very worried, id be quite happy if it has stayed the same, delighted if its a little better but im worried that the scarring is just generating itself (think thats the right word) even though ive been doing everything right, so fingers crossed for me peeps x

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  • Good luck.

  • im very pleased although am so dopey x it wasnt 22 it was 12.5kpa last time x this time was a lovely 4.5 x very very happy x thankyou for sending me luck.

  • excellent news

  • thankyou x im really pleased x had a smile on my face all day

  • Great news. Whatever you're doing it's working. Keep it up.

  • thankyou x will do

  • That's amazing Tammy, well done. Keep doing whatever you are doing and share your technique with others on here in the same situation so they know it is possible 🎉

  • well like Bolly says to go from 12.5 to 4.5 in 2 months is nothing short of miraculous...

  • I know x still keep thinking they've made a mistake x

  • I used to be worried like you. Probably a lot worse.

    Liver is a magic organ that has self-healing power, I had severe problem with a scan score of 44 in March, 2012 and the treatment seemed to have worked. The score went down to 5.5 in March, 2015, the consultants in QEH Birmingham had to ask a nurse to double check it in September to make sure it was the case.

    Remove the cause of the problem that upsets liver, live healthily as if everything is normal. Good luck!

  • Wow that's amazing x the liver has got to be the most amazing organ in the body x

  • Fingers crossed - good luck

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