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Scared and worried


My husband was posted on the transplant list just over a week ago. Been to the education meeting and beginning to make a plan for when that call comes...

He had been having trouble breathing and as he has emphysema and ascites we went along to A & E yesterday to see if his ascites needed a further drain.

Darent Valley were excellent and they done bloods and an ECG within 45 minutes. We were seen by a doctor who also wanted a chest x-ray. That was done very quickly and he was immediately put into a side ward, then within a further 10 minutes was admitted to a ward.

We still do not know what has happened but the consultant who saw him has seen a spot or shadow on his lung and kept him in.

His renal function has deteriorated and as he is on Warfarin for an SMV Thrombus checked his INR which has dropped to 1.7.

I have no idea what is happening - they want a CT scan but are worried about his kidney function. I think they want to talk to Kings tomorrow so not sure what is happening or where we go from here.

Just as it was beginning to look promising and he had agreed to be listed.

Didn't sleep last night and it seems miles away tonight too.

Keeping everything crossed.


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Sorry to hear your hubby has taken a poorly turn.

Absolutely make sure the local hospital DO liaise with your transplant team as it may be that hubby needs transferred into Kings or if he has an infection or similar he might need to be temporarily suspended from the list if he is too ill for transplant. When my hubby was listed for t/p we were told that we had to notify transplant co-ordinators if he attended GP or hospital.

Best wishes to you both.

Katie x


Thanks - I was going to ring yesterday but the consultant at Darent asked me to wait until today (Monday) in case they had some answers. Will ring them this morning.


Hi kimlescam

I'm sorry to read your news and I'd just like to wish your husband the very best and some better news to come your way. x



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Hi Kim sorry to here your news

I was in my local hospital when my liver failed. The hospital talked to kings and sent all my scans and blood tests

I finally was transfeed to kings after 2 weeks very close to the end of my life

10 days later I had a transplant.

when ever I See my GP or other health professional And they want change anything at all I call the transplant co odinators for advice

Because he is on the list I would call them and ask for advice

my best wishes


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Thanks I am going to as they may be able to find out more information from Darent than I can. Thought I'd wait until 9am then give them a call.


Hi ask for liver transplant

coordinator and then you wait for them to call you back

I go through the main switch board when I call

Good luck


I have just called them and just waiting for them to call me xx


they do take awhile to come back


Hi Kim. Sorry, but I pressed "like" not, obviously, because I liked your post but because I have some degree of empathy with you and your husband. Take care and good luck.

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Quite understand lol x



Gave all the information to the transplant co-ordinators and they were going to contact Darent Valley for more information.

They have let him come home as they can do nothing but wait until they are able to do a CT scan with renal protection to look at this shadow on his lung. I have to inject him every day and they have withdrawn the Furosemide until his kidney function improves.

Thanks for all the posts and advice.



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