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Hi I was wondering if anyone who has had a liver transplant can answer me a querie. I am 9 weeks post surgery and everything's going ok but for last 3 - 4 days I have had a lot of pain where my scar area is. Could this be because the feelings coming back ,as it has been numb before which the surgeon said was normal as he had cut through my nerves. All my bloods, scans etc are normal as I was worried about it yesterday and went to my local hospital. I'm also having pain tenderness in my lower stomach which I think is my bowels but dr thinks that's a side effect of my medication. I'm feeling a bit down as this is a set back but would feel a lot better if it was ' normal '. Hope someone can advise . Thanks Gaynor x

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  • Exactly the same happened to me the pain will ease it's just nerve endings like you have mentioned and I had pains and problems with stomach and bowels for a while but the last month I have been great. I also got down mentally but it's just because you feel so good after transplant and then it's like boom something else happens... Just take day at a time and you will get through x

  • Thanks again that's made me feel a lot better xx

  • Am glad x

  • Dont worry it will take a long time for everything to get anywhere near normal. I still have twinges around my scar area and thats 3+ years on. You will have ups and down mentally but if it feels like its getting worse go and see your Dr and ask for counceling. You have been through so much and it is a lot to get used to. Please dont expect everything to be brilliant and set your standards of recovery too high as you will have set backs. It is a new start and a different life than before so take your time, relax and keep calm. Enjoy your new life and stay positive. Keep smiling xx 😊

  • thanks for reply but I'm in a lot of pain and feel nauseated and keep vomiting. I've spoke to my GP but he has no clue and I keep ringing st James liver ward they just tell me those my Gp . I feel medically all alone. I just want some reassurance from them. But I will keep optimistic and hope it gets better. Thanks

  • That doesn't sound right so soon after T/P - the vomitting side of things (as it will impact on your absorbtion of anti-rejection meds etc). I am alarmed that your liver transplant unit is just telling you to go to GP. When hubby was assessed we were given direct line numbers to TP co-ordinators and liver wards and told we could always reach them for advice. Have you tried the co-ordinators and/or explained to ward how recent your transplant was and how poorly you feel. It might be nothing or it could be sign of one of the post transplant virus's like CMV or whatever.

    If you get no joy tonight from St. James's I would be presenting at GP first thing as this can't be allowed to go on (just to be on the safe side).


  • I was told exactly same as you and given direct number to to coordinators but in real life it's an answering machine. There's no support at all. I was as shocked as you I thought first 3 months I'd be looked after sadly not the case .

  • I have rang st James twice once speaking to a dr same answer GP or local A&E done both who also rang st James who said take co codamol for pain . I will mention it when I go to clinic . Thanks xx

  • Hi Gaynor,

    I am 4 months post op & also get the same pains including the occasional really sharp pain which I think is absorbable sutures still letting go & as you say nerves knitting together.

    I have felt nauseous but haven't had any vomiting, so that maybe worth checking out as Katie suggests.

  • The gp gave me an anti emetic which works a bit I'm only vomiting now occasionally and have managed to keep my tablets down. Thanks for the reply it has helped.x

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