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Another scared person!


I’ve had mild pain below my right ribs for maybe 2 months now. The GP had a good prod round and I has stool sample tests and blood tests. All came back clear. But I still have the mild pain. I spoke to the doctor Andy he just said try a bland diet and keep a diary of what you eat and drink. I’m convinced it’s liver damage. Why isn’t he sending me for scans? I’m really worried about it.

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Is there a particular reason you believe this could be liver related? It looks as though your doctor is considering a bowel/diet related condition - perhaps symptoms are more suggestive of something like Irritable Bowel Syndrome - hence the bland diet and food diary suggestion.

If you have reason to think you may actually have liver issues you have to point it out to doctor and specifically ask for a scan (an ultrasound is the usual one or perhaps a fibroscan if your health authority has such a scanner).

Do ask for further follow up as you know your own body and know something isn't right.


Thanks for replying. It’s because of where the pain is. The dreaded google says this could indicate liver disease. And I do drink a lot. I don’t have any other symptoms of liver disease. Or IBS for that matter. I’m going to cut back on the drinking. Maybe stop completely. I did tell the doctor I was worried about my liver. But he didn’t suggest any further investigation. I guess he would have if he thought there was a problem.

Hi there. I'm in the same boat. Hefty drinker with mild pains in the liver area among other symptoms. I had blood tests back in May which were clear also but had more done on Friday. Results tomorrow or Tuesday hopefully. I've also finally got an ultrasound in the pipeline. Keep pestering if you're worried. In the meantime I'm staying off the booze and eating well. Hope you find an answer. Not knowing is really hard. Look after yourself and kick the booze meantime. Winnie x

Thanks. Why isn’t he suggesting more tests for me? I don’t really understand.

It's taken me ten months and about five different doctors to get the ultrasound booked. For me I think it was because I have symptoms of itching and yellow stools too and both of these also suggest liver problems. You could say the pain is getting worse and causing you a lot of anxiety. That might persuade the doc to book an ultrasound. Good luck!

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Good news that your blood results were clear tho. Try an focus on that. The pains might subside in a few weeks if you stop drinking. Or of course it could be something other than liver. IBS like the doc seems to think. Hope you find out soon. I know how worrying it can be.

You often don't get pain with liver disease so your doctor is obviously trying to rule out other things first.

I take it you were honest with your doctor about your alcohol intake? If you were to say doctor "I am having pains in my liver region, I am concerned about this because I am a fairly heavy drinker and would like some follow up please" he should perhaps refer you for other tests, however, some doctors might be reluctant to if you are still drinking to excess and/or you have normal blood test results.

I would ask again and in the interim I would follow the advice on the British Liver Trust website regarding alcohol and the liver and about looking after your liver.


I was honest with him that I drank a lot. Though at the time I saw him I wasn’t drinking. Gave up for a while.

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hi you really must ask for a scan tell your anxiety is taking over on this matter i have pbcliver scans and fibroscan all normal mine was picked on bloods as your bloods were normal im sure your dr is not considering liver hence no scan did the pain subside when u stopped drinking

Brighton2017 in reply to Hidden

I can’t remember. I did stop for a bit then started again. I’ll stop again and see what happens.

I’m sure the doctor considered my liver but I’ll call and ask again

Always worth pestering otherwise they won't do it simply seems to be the reason. Problem is around that area are so many things, stomach, pancreas, gall bladder ect. Most of the other three show up on bloods one way or another but stomach seems to be more subtle

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