FibroScan result


my FibroScan result Is 6.1kPa

CAP 194

Blood test mildly elevated bilirubin, Alt.

ANA positive 1/80 with smooth muscle antibody 1/40 she does not have active autoimmune hepatitis this will need monitoring

What's all this numbers mean?

I have pain in my upper right side for 3years

Sorry for the long post and thanks for your reply in advance

I'm from Australia so maybe the numbers are different?

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  • HI

    That is a good result for sure, its not perfect but it should rule out serious Liver damage. Mine was 4.2kpa , under 7kpa means there isnt any scarring in most cases. At 6.1kpa your Liver is getting towards the vital 7, its is slightly stiffer than most, but again it could be just your normal. Also inflammation causes Fibroscans to score stiffer than normally would.

    So you have your bloods and now a Fibroscan pointing towards your Liver starting to become upset, no need to panic just yet, you are no where near a serious problem.

    The CAP score rules out fatty Liver mine was 233CAP , the threshold is 220CAP, so I had some mild fat in my Liver.

    You do need further investigation and monitoring, also keep an eye on any medications you take and dont drink alcohol or eat junk fatty food. You can help your Liver best by eating healthy foods and some exercise .

  • Thanks for you reply Ralph2014

    I was very scard

  • Thanks for that gamesmaker

  • In addition to the link given below for Fibroscan scores this link explains ANA

  • thanks art4949 that was helpful

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