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Elevated ALT


I've had a blood test done for Hashimoto diagnosis and I just had my blood test results

ALT is elevated - 63 (reference range 0-33)

Total protein/albumin/bilirubin/phosphatase -normal

I have elevated thyroid antibodies, but T4 and TSH normal

Serum holesterol is 4,6

All other tests are within normal range (Fbc, iron&tbc, Ferritin, esr, Glucose, ue creatinine, differential...)

Should I be seriously concerned? I've had my child 1 year ago, and I'm still trying to lose my weight. I had a cold at the time of test. I tool ibuprofen few days before

Thank you!

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Are the docs still trying to work out if you have Hashimotos or not?


I had a private test done (thyroid panel due to thyroid cancer in family) and showed these results to my GP. She said that antibodies show Hashimoto but as long as my thyroid hormones and TSH are fine they will probably do nothing with that. Anyway, she ordered a bunch of tests which are fine except ALT


Do you have an appointment to discuss these results or have you just been told the result without any explanation of what they might mean. I dont know a lot about Hashimotos Im afraid or whether it affects liver enzymes. 63 is not terribly high - people with acute liver damage have figures in the 1,000s. What is more useful for you is a) knowing whether its not unusual with Hashimotos to have slightly elevated ALT; b) whether this is up or down from any previous ALT blood test you have had in the past c) is the doctor concerned?


I have hashi's diagnosed this year. Also have high ALT's which began at 70 in july and now are 140. Have awful new digestive issues which prompted the liver test.

GP thinking autoimmune hepititus. Apparently (depressingly) with one autoimmune disease (in my case hashi's) can come another. So ive just had a scan on my stomach and liver and the results were nothing remarkable. Waiting for a follow up GP appointment,still have the symptoms.

If it helps- i was told in the early days that high ALT can be a one off due to other illnesses such a cold. Not my case but something to bear in mind. But also bear in mind that if results are consistly higher than they should be, consider it an helpful early warning- we dont want results in the 1000's when its acute liver damage.


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