Those with alcoholic liver disease

Hello anyone who has alcoholic liver disease can you please tell me your symptoms and what your test results looked like and how you were diagnosed. I have dry mouth right soreness and fatigue also my arms and legs look like a road map of blue veins showing everywhere and a ton of spider veins which came out of nowhere. I know they say different typed of liver disease have different symptoms

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  • Ummm, have you been to see a doctor yet?

    Your correct in that the various illnesses do have different symptoms, but, why are you asking? Are you an alcoholic or heavy drinker?

    It sounds like you should see a doctor first, and most likely, quit drinking. I have alcohol related disease, and have the different illnesses associated with that, but doctors diagnosed me. A web site cannot.

    You should not rely on the Internet for answers, as liver disease is very serious, but there are so many things that can go wrong.

    We all have different symptoms on here, but all of us were diagnosed by doctors and specialists.

    Not trying to sound unhelpful, but you really did not give much info.

    I did not have blue veins or spider in arms and legs. Most alcoholics get the little veins in their face, but it's around their nose cheek and mouth area.

    I had fatigue. I also put on 80 extra pounds, which turned out to be fluid that came from ascites. Ascites is one of the diseases associated with a de compensated liver. I also have three different types of chirossis and Hepatitus C.

    I have varacies, which are bulging veins, but you cannot see those, they are inside your body in your throat down to your belly and can cause internal bleeding if left unchecked.

    I was sober for 3.5 years when I got really sick. Before then, even though I had hep C and the chirossis, my liver tests were all fine. All that changed within 13 months.

    I do know one thing, the most important thing is to stop drinking now.

    Alcoholic liver disease is horrible. So the sooner you quit, the more likely you maybe will not have the problems I have. I am currently waiting on the transplant list.

    Hope my info helps. As far as blood tests and such go, there are too many different ones they do. That along with ultrasounds, endoscopes, colonoscopies every 6 months, etc. different tests for different illnesses assoc. with alcoholic liver disease. There is also the Meld test, where they check your billiruben (spelling) and they check you for high ammonia levels.

    But really, pls see a doctor. Don't try and diagnose yourself. People get all upset without even seeing someone.

    Oh, and ignore Web MD. And Internet sites like that..again, they can't diagnose you.

    Good luck!

    Xx kimberly

  • I have posted on here before and spoke to you. I have had lfts done only bilirubin was elevated direct .2. Indirect elevated out of range. I had 2 normal ultrasounds but have read you can have cirrhosis with normal bloods and scans. I feel like I have all the symptoms and drank heavily almost everyday for 3 years.

  • Hi ,

    Firstly I have to agree with dcKimberly, Go and see your gp if you have any of these concerns.It really is too dangerous to try and self-diagnose.I would suggest talking with your gp about blood work and what you need to be looking out for.

    I have arld and other complications and you mention spider viens(spiderniemi or close to) I have had checks for these and have some on my chest ,arms and hands. So everyone is different yes.Go to see your gp if you have any concerns.

    Hope this helps

  • Hi there, I have alcoholic liver disease. All my test come back clear. Bloods ultrasounds are fine however biopsy tested positive for cirrhosis. I tend to get various veins and fatigue most of the time and my immune system is low. In my case this is because of cirrhosis. However the symptoms you are getting may be because of your liver or other reason. The best thing to do is talk to your Dr. Then slowly they can rule out other possible causes for your symptoms.

  • Chadwell why did you have a biopsy when your ultrasound and blood tests were normal?

  • Hi there, it was because the Dr knew that I had a very bad history of alcohol missus for a long period time and I had bad test results a few years before, however theses test result cleared up on there own..?? And then the Dr wanted to be extra safe and he decided on a biopsy were he found cirrhosis due to alcohol.

  • From what I have gathered it is unlikely for cirrhosis to be missed on US, unless it early stage cirrhosis. If I was you I would trust the docs that you don't have liver disease. I had liver pain for more than a year. Saw a gastro doc yday after waiting 3 months and he thinks I'm absolutely fine. Having a repeat US in a few weeks. Had bloods yday.

  • What does your gastrointestinal doc think it is?

  • He did not say anything. Firstly he said you were drinking and so on and then said couple bloods + US was normal last year so no liver/gallbladder problems. Then he tried blaming the pain on the small hiatus hernia I was diagnosed through a few months back through a gastroscopy. What I've learnt is docs won't diagnose without seeing evidence. If US was normal with bloods they will simply rest your case and dismiss you. I have another US coming up after last years normal one also had blood taken yday. Gd luck.

  • Yeah I was worried about the elevated bilirubin but today I looked at my online blood tests and in 2012 it was 1.0 and I really wasn't really even drinking than. Also my alt ast and alp are even under the normal range. My platelets are 250 so I guess those are all good signs

  • I decided to take my to hospital after my ankles swelled up and I had shortness of breath. Once the doc took one look at me the first thing he asked was how much I drank. I had jaundice, bloated face and tummy, the shakes, severe fatigue and bloodshot eyes. Stupidly I discharged myself and went on another month or two drinking heavily until I could hardly stand and people couldn't help but notice I was ill. In fact I was given time off from work to get help. Due to my liver not working properly toxins were leaking through my body for months which had led to kidney damage, enlarged spleen and gallbladder infection. I guess people show different signs but deep down you know when somethings not right. Thank god I got help and now looking at me you'd have no clue I'm suffering with chronic liver disease and cirrhosis.

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