Alcoholic with liver disease

Alcoholic with liver disease , Hello all, first I would like to thank all of you for sharing your experience, strength and hope with us all. I was diagnosed with Hep C 11 years ago. 7 years ago I had a biopsy and my liver was between stage 2 and 3 of liver disease. I went through treatment 5 years go and it was successful however, I have continued to drink. Last year my liver started to hurt. I did not go to the doctor because I did not want to stop drinking, When I did go my liver test were normal but, I know from research it is hurting because it is swollen. I stopped drinking for a month and it stopped hurting but, being the drinker I am I started right back up ago and even though it hurts I just keep right on drinking. I just need other people to talk to who are going through this. I am looking for info is it to late for my liver to heal itself. If I stop drinking now. I know I can I have before.

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  • It is never too late to stop drinking. I stopped nearly 15 years ago, nothing to do with Liver disease or anything medical I just got too tired to carry on living that lifestyle. I have subsequently been diagnosed with Cirrhosis and Primary Liver Cancer. I had an attempted TP in November which was aborted, my wife was told I had less than 12 hours to live. I'm still here, although I can't prove anything my lengthy period of abstinence has in my opinion played a massive part in my limited recovery and even after being told that my life expectancy is maximum 4 years I am still determined to prove that wrong, and even if they are correct with the help of AA I hopefully will die sober and certainly without any feelings of self pity.

  • I am not a drinker so have no direct experience, but my hubby liked a drink so I swirched him to low and no alcohol beers and wines. Of course if you like vodka, whiskey etc this switch wont help you. My hubby was fine with the switch because the taste of zero zeros was very akin to normal beers. I think wine was slightly different but still OK but then the wine had some alcohol....

    You obviously found the strength to give up previously, so Im sending you some strength now, to help you make it.

    Good luck xo

  • My husband has stage 4 liver disease. He gave up alcohol for three years. I still don't know what made him go back and start again. He has been hospitalised four times now in two years. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give up before it is too late. The hospital is wonderful to him, but each time there is an admission, he gets weaker. He is half the man he was physically. Please embrace your life before you cannot go back - it may not be the life you would have chosen for yourself but it is the only one you have...... xx

  • Hi,

    Welcome to the forum,

    It is a positive first step that you have made in posting your story here and realising that you need to stop drinking alcohol.

    If you are, or have ever been, alcohol dependent or an alcoholic, discuss

    this with your doctor. In these circumstances it is important to get medical

    help to give up drinking, as stopping suddenly can, in some cases, lead to

    severe withdrawal symptoms, including hallucinations and seizures. There

    are many sources of support and help they can give you or direct you to.

    You may find our publication Alchohol and Liver disease useful to read, here is the link;

    It would be advisable to go and see your GP as soon as possible and have an open and honest discussion about your alcohol intake, they can then guide you to support and further help.

    Wishing you well,

    We hope you find the forum a supportive place to visit,

    Warm wishes,


  • Hi there Sheila. Firstly, dont feel alone. I am an (ex) alcoholic, who has been diagnosed with cirrhosis caused by alcohol. I would say that your correct in the assumption that the pain is caused by swelling. I can remember the feeling very well. Drinking in fact took away the pain, but the next morning it would be back with a vengeance.

    My GP said that despite me drinking for a very long time, my liver would make improvements if i stopped. It wouldnt reverse the damage, that time has passed, but theres a strong possibility it would make some recovery.

    I still struggle with sobriety every day, so I know how you feel. Keep your chin up, dont let depression get you....step away from the bottle, and look forward to tomorrow with a clear head and no liver pain. :)

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