Non alcoholic liver disease

I was diagnosed with non alcoholic liver disease 5 years ago. I have type 2 diabetes. I feel good mostly. I have varices and luckily have not had bleeds yet. I am scared that it is just a matter of time before it happens. I don't know how long i had it and didn't know there was anything wrong. I have heard so many things that people have gone through and don't know how i would handle that. Does everyone at some point go through this? The doctor said mine probably came about because of my diabetes.

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  • Hello I have AIH, an autoimmune disease, so like you, liver disease not alcohol related. However, I have had varices and a bleed. With regard to the varices, when they get to a certain size, they will band them to prevent any bleeding and will continue to monitor you for further varices at regular intervals.

    I had my bleed about 12 months ago now and have actually felt better since having had it fixed. I find it's best not to worry about it, just be aware of the signs to look for and get yourself to the GP/ hospital straightaway if you are exhibiting the symptoms. Ask your consultant plenty of questions to put your mind at rest and to get a better idea of the real risk to yourself. As I understand it, many people develop varices, but never have a bleed. Best of luck :)

  • Thanks that does ease my mind. I had another endscopy last week but the veins were not big enough to band yet.

  • Let's hope it stays that way and glad to have been of help. All the very best :)

  • I had NASH and type 2 diabetes did have ascities but had tramsplant 2 yrs ago transplant successful no ascities since and no diabetes now !

  • Glad your transplant is going well

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