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Can someone explain what these figures mean and what they should be as normal?

I have been for my scan this afternoon and the doctor, just said to make an appointment with my own doctor in a weeks time.

After the food poisoning, and the doctors yesterday saying I had viral hepetitis due to the food poisoning, the bloods I had yesterday, she said had come back lower than what I had done off my doctor the day before - I have a copy off my own doctor of the results, but not from yesterday when she said they had dropped slightly.

The results say :-

LFT's with BR-94, Alt-383, Alk-472, GGT-631

Can anyone tell me what these figures mean and what they should be if everything was normal, many thanks.

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I'm pretty sure BR is bilirubin's. The normal range is under 20. Bilarubin is a toxin left after red cells are broken down and usually dealt with by the liver. Its what causes jaundice.


Thank you, that would explain the jaundice, do you understand the other figures ? Are they based on your height and weight ? As I tried to look on google and it just sort of says so much per ltr !



No I'm not so sure about the other figures. Before my transplant I was only really concentrating on the BR, because it was what the DR's were most concerned about. Mine got up to 600 though.


Hi if you ask for a printout it with have your blood test result numbers and just along from those it will have the averages for that particular test, it will let you see how high they are compared to the so called normal values.

The fact they are coming down is more important than there start figures so try not to worry, hope they keep a downward spiral trend.


Alt is short for alanine aminotransferase. Its one of the main liver enzymes that rises when the liver is stressed or inflamed. Normal range is around 10 - 50 iu/L (thats a measure of the amount in your blood sample, nothing to do with your weight or sex or age!) So at 383 your level is way too high but it will be if you have or have recently had viral hepatitis. The docs will want to see it coming down and will hopefully repeat the test. , Alk is short for Alkaline phosphatase, another enzyme. Normal range is 30 - 130 iu/L so at 472 yours is too high but will hopefully come down as your liver heals. GGT is another pretty standard test for liver inflammation, again yours is high at 631. Along with the ALT and ALK i would have thought the docs would have tested Bilirubin and Albumin, as the blood sample is normaly tested for all of the different liver functions. A high bilirubin comes with jaundice. If BR is bilirubin (I've not seen it that way but it could be) then normal range is 0 - 21 umol/L.

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Many thanks for that - these were the test results from Tuesday afternoon, I had all tests redone on Wednesday afternoon and she said they had dropped,ms he did other Pacific blood tests, but results haven't come back yet and I have an appointment for the 8th June to have all bloods done again, so I. Hoping they will have dropped a lot more by then.


Sounds like you GP is monitoring you closely and checking that your liver readings are now going down. Which they are. If they were going up the GP would probably respond differently. With Hep A or Hep E as long as you are not acutely ill you just have to wait for your body to clear the infection. It could take a month. It could take less, it could take more. I would hope the docs will continue to monitor you for maybe 2 or 3 months or at least until your levels normalize. While your body is busy getting rid of the infection, then as you are already doing, look after your liver. Dont drink, eat a healthy well balanced diet, cut down on convenience foods and prepare your own, that way you know they are clean. Maintain good hygiene, lots of hand washing especially in public places!


Thank you all x


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