Can anyone help with what might be wrong with me?

Hi, 4 years ago I had bloods done which lead to a series of scans. It came back that basically my kidney function was working at 66% so I had to cut out drinking in excess and watch what I eat. Over the last 4 years I have suffered with gout. I am only 28 now! I basically put it down to the fact my kidneys couldn't get rid of the excess acid which was then causing me to get gout in my big toe on my left foot. So years went by and now I get an attack in both my big toes! I knew this was time to go back to my doctor. After the bloods came back it said my kidney function had actually improved which I was happy about BUT my liver results were raised and I have high cholestrol. What is going on? I would love to know some peoples ideas on what could actually be wrong with me. I am really worried and have not yet found any answers.

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  • You don't state whether you still drink alcohol or what amounts on a weekly basis you take. Also depends on your diet as to your Cholestrol levels, but some people have raised Cholesterol anyway, it may be genetic. And of course your lifestyle can affect all these things, stressful work, etc. I am not criticising you, merely commenting. I think that your Doctor should be able to put you on the right track as to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    I dare say there are folks on this site who will always listen and try to advise.

    Good Luck.

  • Do you still drink? Do you eat healthy?

  • I stopped drinking for months, it was just going out in my single years, I'm now in a relationship with a son and a puppy! My life is completely different now, hence the improvement in my kidney results. If I drink I'll have maybe 1 or 2 bottles of beer a week. I would say my diet is average, I enjoy boxing and football. Walk a lot so that side of things I don't think is of concern. You did mention something interesting though. I lost my dad to cancer 2 months ago and work is really stressful right now. I work in sales and it isn't a great industry at the moment. I've also been getting nose bleeds. Maybe it's all connected to together?

  • Hi Ray, that was quite a low kidney function level at such a young age. Have you checked out the Patient Information sheets from the British Kidney Patient Association to see if they give any tips/info that would be useful to you?

    Diet can definitely affect the liver (and affect cholesterol too), have you been given any advice by your GP on this or just left to your own devices?

  • I am currently undergoing blood tests, they've said the kidney level isn't that bad?

  • I think now is the time to go back to your GP (maybe ask for a 20 minute consultation) and talk through your concerns, including stress related issues. Mike

  • Thanks mike, and everyone.. You've teally helped and I am not overly worried now. Many thanks Roy

  • The high cholesterol and the nose bleeds could be connected, but I doubt stress will be causing nosebleeds. High blood pressure might, have you had that checked? I still think your recent gout is most probably connected to your lower than normal kidney function - even if the kidneys are functioning better the docs haven't said they are fine, just 'not that bad', and I would be questioning the docs about what you can do with your diet/lifestyle to help this ... or is there another underlying problem like genetics or kidney stones or something. You need to limit sugar-sweetened foods and drinks, limit fructose and limit alcohol, meat, and fish (especially shrimp and lobster). You can go mad with fresh veg and fruits (tho not so much the fruit due to fruit sugars), whole grains, and low fat dairy products. When you say your liver function is elevated, is it the albumin part or is it other levels within the liver function test?

  • Hi Bolly, you've hit the nail on the head with everything I have been told and am doing, probably why the kiddy reading has improved. As for the liver bloods I couldn't tell you without speaking to my doctor, I'm having more bloods in a few weeks to see if they've gone back down

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