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Advise please - not sure what is wrong

I started with food poisoning two weeks ago, after eating cold food, I was sick all night, the next day as well - couldn't keep anything down, even water, then over the next ten days, I've hardly ate anything, when I do, I feel full and have bad indegestion straight away, I have a nagging ache in stomach, but not bad,I'm have lost 10 lbs in ten days.

But yesterday, I woke up and my husband said I looked yellow, the whites of my eyes have a yellow tinge and my face looks a bit yellow, I'm not as bad today, but I'm frightened to go to the doctors as to what they will say.

I haven't had an alcoholic drink in two weeks, but before that, I was probably drinking 2-3 bottles of wine a week, three weeks out of four.

If I carry on not drinking, will the yellow go away ?

Hoping for some replies soon.

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What liver problem have you been diagnosed with, you really have to go to gp, yellowing of eyes and skin no matter how little cannot be ignored, stopping alchohol is fine, but honestly go to doctors asap. !Annette


Thanks, I haven't been to doctors yet and haven't been diagnosed with anything, just frightened, in case I go to the doctors and he sends me to the hospital and they keep me in - will the yellow not go away on its own?


Best not wait. The fact that you have not eaten for two weeks suggests you need to see a doctor tomorrow. If you can't get a GP appointment, go to a walk in centre or A and E. Mike


Hi Kaz

May fade slightly, but don't wait to see doctor, ignoring things will not make them go away, you don't know what's going on with your liver, I know its scary but finding out whatever problem is you can get help. Good Luck. Annette


Sorry to hear this but I totally agree with everybody you MUST get medical help ASAP. You might be scared of what you are told but believe me as the carer for a transplantee I know your husband will be terrified and in a worst position than you because he cannot force you to get help. Please if not for your self do it for him.I know what he will be going through as well as yourself.

No the yellow will not go away without medical intervention.

Best Wishes. Sending out my thoughts to you both.


You do need to go to your GP. I had chronic jaundice after going yellow which a work colleague noticed. I was lucky as I was able to see a consultant the next day due to having medical insurance with my bank account but still went to work before my appointment. I had a lot of blood taken but never went into hospital and still continued to work. Your GP should ask you to do a stool sample as this is the only way you can find out if you had food poisoning from what you had eaten. Make your GP appointment today and let them know you are yellow so you get in asap. The sooner your on some form of medication the better you will feel and the worrying can stop. Take care x


Please do go an see a doctor - the being sick sounds horribly like the symptoms my husband had when his problems started - He has since been diagnosed with NASH but with help is getting better - it is really important you stop drinking


I Agree you should see your doctor who will do blood tests to see how your liver is working as well as to check how you are as a whole.

I had symptoms like yours and it turned out that my gallbladder had an infection and needed strong antibiotics.

You may find that you have nothing to worry about.

If you do have something then it would need investigating by a consultant and there is normally quite a wait before that.

But please do not diagnose yourself by reading the Internet that can make you aware of every little twinge even when it is nothing.

Take care, let us know how you get on.


Totally agree - get yourself to the Doctor as soon as possible. You may well need antibiotics or other treatment, if you catch it soon enough you could be treated at home - if you leave it untreated, you might end up like me & be hospitalised several times. Even if that happens, hospitals are something that you can cope with - nurses, porters, Health Care assistants - they will look out for you & care for you if you end up in one. Don't be too scared to seek help, Doctors will be very kind and concerned, and if you are scared about or don't understand ANYTHING , take a deep breath then tell them. my GP is avoided by many at the practice because of a reputation for being brusque to the point of rudeness - since my jaundice & me being honest we've developed a really good relationship & he has proved to be a real strength and support.




Need to see doc. Need some blood taken.

Imagine a splinter. Your partner says, that looks red. Yeah. Next day

That looks really sore. Hmm.

Next day. Wow all that redness and pus.

Soon. Is that gangrene?

The longer you wait things will NOT improve. They get worse.

Jaundice, telling you. Body not well.

If you do not take the required meds. Guess what? Gets worse.

Doc will refer you on to the best person possible to sort you out. Not a plumber a man who really loves conditions of the liver. You are denying him a chance to correct another problem.

Sooooon. Ok? Soon. You will feel worse. You want to feel worse? When you could start feeling better? Really?

C'mon Caz. Wot u waitin for? Gold invitation?

No joke. Get to the docs.

You wanted advice!



Go to your doctor, if you haven't already done so. I turned yellow when I had gallbladder problems and spent 2 days in hospital having treatment to treat the jaundice. The treatment was intravenus, completely painless. I eventually had my gb taken out. I would also cut down on the wine as too much will eventually give liver problems.


I understand your worry but at least if you know what's wrong you can do something about it. I have been drinking that every week and sometimes more. I have been to the docs to request a blood test as I am worried about damage to my liver although I gave no symptoms - yet. Please drop a note to let us know how you get on.



under cooked pork can cause hepatitis E, you need to get to the doctors asap, go to the emergency room of you have to. Hepatitis is swelling of the Liver and is EXTREMELY serious.

People can recover well from Hep -E, but it takes along time and drinking again might be off the menu. The infection can cause scarring.


My husband is in hospital now after two episodes of severe vomiting in which he went both yellowish & extremely pale in face. He also had chest pain. He had been taking Voltaren three days, then added

Paracetamol & Valium for acute bulging discs in lumbar spine after consult with GP. He also had one helpful visit to physio re lower back injury.

Had lots of tests. Abdo ultrasound showed gall stones and mild fatty liver. Liver function tests were elevated. He's now waiting to be seen by consultant physician of internal medicine. Likely might be a wake up call to cut alcohol consumption & modify diet.


Hi Kaz124

I had your first I was treated for helicobacter pylori, but when symptoms worsened over the next few weeks I had an endoscopy to check for ulcers, which was clear, then an mri scan which found I had gallstones. Had keyhole surgery to remove gallstones and they found my gallbladder was very scarred as a result of several infections, so it was removed. I also had a yellow tinge to my eyes and skin. In my case I was told my gallbladder was the worst infected they had seen,, by 2 surgeons,and could have burst anytime which would have been life threatening, so maybe a bit more extreme than some, but don't sit hoping it will go away. My first symptoms started around April , and had gallbladder removed in December the same year.Get checked out asap. Good luck and hopefully you'll get sorted soon.


At hanks everyone for your replies, I rang doctors last week, but they were fully booked (it's only a small practice) so I have an appointment this morning with the doctor, so will let you know how I get on, the yellowing has fled from face and eyes, but urine is still a very dark brown or fluorescent yellow, so I know something is wrong, will be in touch later, thanks again.. It is a great chat site.


Another update :- I went to the doctors and he did a thorough examination and tested urine and I have to go to another clinic after lunch for some blood tests, urgent he said, he thinks it's trouble with gallstones ! I did have trouble with gallstones rubbing on my gallbladder about six years ago, but I cut out all fatty foods etc and haven't had any trouble since - he said he should get the results back Wednesday or Thursday and if there is anything wrong, he will let me know and said if I don't feel well or get a pain to go straight to a and e. And gave me some omoperzole for the heartburn. We will see what happens tomorrow.


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