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I found out I have Hepatitis B in December,they test me DNA in January and I had 379 ui/ml,then test me in August,but never get the results,the doctor ask for fibro scan,but now is almost December and the nurse told me she forgot!I been abroad in holiday and test there,my DNA is 3980 ui/ml,and I made a fibromax,but my liver is still fine,I been to doctor abroad and he said I should start treatment with interferon pegasys,Because is the best for my situation!I contact the nurse from uk,have her all the results and the letter from the doctor,but she said she wants to take me blood again,and I need to wait long time,she said if I want treatment then to treat my self abroad!I really need an advice,and what can I do?I don’t wanna go to this nurse anymore,she is very rude and treat me very bad!What can I do?Can I ask my GP,for a specific doctor?

Many thanks!

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Hi Paulika,

It may be a good idea to go back to your GP and explain your situation and how you feel about the nurse. You could also request that you see a liver specialist.

You may find our general publication on Hepatitis B useful to read;

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In the UK we dont treat Hep B with interferon any more. We use anti-virals such as Entecavir or Tenofovir. Interferon is the old treatment for Hepatitis C.


Hi Paulika I have been living with Chronic Hep B since 2012 after having acute hep b that did not clear. I was referred from my local hospital to specialist hospital with a dedicated Liver and Gastro unit. Where I was given a fibroscan and liver biopsy. .

In December 2013 my consultant put me on Interferon....cut a long story short after 6 months Interferon not having any effect on hep b...quite a few side effects flu like symptoms. .brain fuzz tiredness ..was taken off interferon put on Tenofovir in Sept 2014....Dramatically bought all levels down recently had another fibroscan which was greatly improved on first one done in 2013. ..With Chronic Hep b you are at greater risk of developing cirrhosis and cancer ...I am a N.H.S. patient in UK. .I get bloods done every 12 weeks and ultrasound every 6 months and see consultant yearly.

My advice to you is demand from your G.P. to be referred to a Specialist Heptology and Gastro Unit at a hospital. Which is your right have to take charge ...get a Liver Function Blood test at you doctors done as soon as possible. Talk to your Doctor not the nurse. Good Luck

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Many thanks,

I need to go for my blood tests in December,I wanna ask if you get the results from your blood tests?I mean if they send you letter home?


Hi Boldyonion

I note that you mentioned you have been taken Tenofovir as my specialist is recommending this to me. I have been living with Chronic Hep B for a number of years but a recent Fibroscan read 10.4 and he recommended Tenofovir immediately. I said I need time to digest taking this medication (for life) and its side effect. In the meantime 8 weeks past and I had another Fibroscan done this time read 5.2. He said we can afford to wait a further three months and take further tests. Because I have had Hep B for such a long time (probably since I was a child. I am Asian). I believe it'll be inevitable for me to take Tenofovir. Is there any side effect such as depression, bone problems?

Thanks in advance for your advice. Take care.

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Hi Maybefine .....

I have not any apparent side effects from Tenofovir. ..the Interferon I was on had quiet a few side effects. The Tenofovir seems to be working my original fibroscan was 13.7 it's now down to 9.2 .If I was you I'd get the Tenofovir as soon as...once you start your have to take it every day and not miss . I get mine at the Hospital pharmacy every 12 weeks when I get my bloods done by Heptology Nurse

Good luck and keep well


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That was good advice thanks! I'll get onto it when I see my specialist in Feb.


OK keep on touch



I get all my blood test by Heptology Nurse at Hospital now as am in there care if there is cause for concern she would contact me . But treatmeant all going well at moment I get them done every 12 weeks....Asked to be referred to a Heptology Specialist. ..



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