Itchy skin could I have liver disease

Hi I've wrote on here before basically I have been drinking heavily for nearly ten years I'm 27 years old I had a blood test January 2015 and it came back that I had a vitamin b12 deficiency after that I had injections. Then I started having a full ache under my right rib and and down the right

Side went back to the doctors had another blood test on the May and had a ultrasound end if august all came back ok full ache stayed went back to doctors in December they said they believe I have anxiety but sent me for oneote blood test came

Back fine and vitamin b12 has gone found this out on the second blood test any way since Sunday been really itchy wvery where went to doctors and they said they think it's hives even though I've not ate anything different and I've taken allergy tablets for three days and not helped I have no rash spots or anything. Could they have missed something or could I have developed liver disease since December? My ache also has gone now and I have no other symptoms? Doctor said she doesn't think it could be due to the liver as my scalp is also itching? And if it doesn't go away. Within another they'll give me another blood test I've also cut my drinking right back and drink twice a week

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  • Any help would be useful thank you

  • Hello!

    Well done for cutting down drinking! ☺ my symptoms appeared very rapidly including severe itching everywhere!

    Please don't wait, Leanne, everything you say to drs will be documented so you will have back up if needed. My husband is contemplating expressing his views to NHS regarding my diagnosis. Looking back, I was having symptoms for at least 2 to years and then my liver just screamed at me last year. Scared me and my husband so very much.

    I've had to leave teaching and my children are living with their father at mo.

    Keep in touch

    X x

  • Hi could I ask have you been diagnosed with liver disease? And did all your tests come back normal? X

  • So do you think there could be something wrong I had my last bold results in December so about a month and half ago and they were ok x

  • Did you have an ultrasound to dx your live r condition?

    Sorry that was to mellow1 x

  • Yes, I do have liver disease. My bloods were through the roof last September but due to abstinence and complete change of diet and lifestyle, my bloods have dropped a lot which is a positive. Will need scans every six months alongside consultant app and regular blood tests, also vit D injection s indefinitely. It really is life changing. I'm on b12 tablets 3x a day and b1 tablets 3x a day amongst other meds. Sound similar to me, please keep on at them. You know your body.

    X x

  • Sorry to hear that. See that's what's weird with mine all my bloods have come back normal the last two times and my ultrasound was normal they think I'm suffering from anxiety what other symptoms did you have can I ask?x

  • If you had blood tests normal in December then I doubt you would have liver issues this quickly? Also you have had an ultrasound. I do feel you may have anxiety but go back to the GP and just request another blood test to keep your mind at ease and stop drinking.

    Take care and good luck to you :)

  • Leanne, that's wonderful that you've reduced your drinking, but you should really try to stop drinking all together. With your concerns and possible symptoms, it is just NOT worth the risk. Stop drinking, eat real unprocessed food, cut way back on sugar, and have your blood work run again in a couple of months. You should also ask for a vitamin D blood test and then supplement if low. You are young with your life ahead of you - take care of your health now so that you'll be able to fully enjoy it. 💙

  • I always have a full panel of blood tests so I think that should of been in it as well. My aim was just to cut back I still want to be able to have a drinks with friends ect all the years of drinking were such a waste of time and just me being silly luckily since cutting down I don't have any side effects such as shaking or loss of appetite or anything I guess I'm just seeing advice on whether I sound like it could be damaged or if the doctors are right and I'm anxious x

  • the fact you have vitamin B12 issues is sure sign your drinking is making you unhealthy. You have a serious problem with alcohol, moderation hardly ever works for people with a serious drinking problem.

    The ultrasound can only rule out late stage damage. You could still have a Liver full of fat and some early Fibrosis.

    To look after your Liver as best you can you need a couple of years off alcohol atleast and then perhaps think about the occasional drink. At 27 years old you need to think about where you want to be in 5 or 10 years time.

    Having clear bloods and an ultrasound is a good starting point, but its not a green light to carry on drinking a couple of times a week heavily.

    I say all this as someone who stopped drinking age 38 after being a weekend warrior, I was a unrepentant drinker, I loved it, I do miss it, but as already said its just not worth it. I miss drinking, but the way I look at it, I would miss my Liver more! nearly 600 days without any alcohol at all now, you can do it.

  • It might be that your liver was just complaining a bit at being abused but now that you've cut down your drinking it is recovering. You're young and the liver does tend to recover quicker, everyone's liver metabolises alcohol at different rates so you might be one who doesn't metabolise it efficiently, by the time you have symptoms and realise that, it may be too late, so it would be better if you could stop drinking all together. It's not as bad as you might think. If scans and bloods are clear at the moment you're probably fine but keep on being liver aware and be kind to it. All the best.

  • Thank you for the replies I no longer have the vitamin b12 deficiency that was treated with some injections in the January 2015 and I've had two blood tests since then and it's been fine so far. I've been doing ok at weekend drinking I was never one to get up and drink just drinking after work which I know is not great which is why I'm trying to make my body healthier i feel it may be anxiety as I go in all the time with no symptoms and they can't find anything wrong.

  • Well done in cutting drinking. Please go & follow it up. I suffered sudden acute failure, rushed to hospital uncouncious, 36 hours later my family were told had 48hrs to have a transplant. Was told it very rare to happen so suddenly, like mine, but the itching definitely needs looking at

  • Had you had tests before ect? X

  • hi Leanne-I remember your previous posts. Firstly, nobody on this forum can tell you if you have liver disease or not-we're not GPs and only tests will determine that. However, on the basis of your symptoms its unlikely any serious damage has been done-you have youth on your side. The vit B12 deficiency is an indicator that the liver was struggling to process and now that's recovered suggests your liver is recovering.

    With regard to the itching-yes its commonly reported that itching is end stage liver disease but it can be caused by a whole host of things. I only developed itching on lower limbs calves/ankles etc when I stopped drinking and went on an intermittent fasting diet which raised my GGT levels. What were your GGT levels from the full liver panel? If they're in normal range its highly unlikely you've done significant damage.

    In the meantime why dont you take 6 weeks off the booze completely and see what happens? Typically, with liver issues itching is not the only symptom-often there are digestive issues too-what's the story there?

  • Hiya I'm not sure what my bloods were exactly always just old they were normal and my us was normal in regards to my digestive system everything's fine although when I drink I tend to get bad guts the next day sorry to be rude I didn't know another way to put it. Yeah I'm hoping as all the tests have been normal that everything's ok and I have cut way back but I do think it would be good to take a proper break off and take it easy from

    Then on thank you for writing back x

  • However still go to the GP and get the tests done. It is better to be on the safe side.

    Another thing is the ultrasound doesn't pick up things so clearly. When I had acute liver failure, the ultrasound showed nothing. However my liver was failing at a fast pace. Although I had lots of other symptoms like digestive issues, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, stomach burning, heart palpitations, depressed, anxious, itching, weight loss until I turned yellow due to jaundice.

    Good luck and hoping you get the support you need to come off of the drink and live a clean and healthy life. :)

  • Everyone's stories and symptoms are different. I have liver disease diagnosed about 8 years ago but not through drinking. I never had any pain or itching and was an occasional light drinker (I would go 6-12 months without a drink and then have 1 or 2 if I went out). My symptoms were just extreme tiredness so my doctor did a whole bunch of blood tests and my gamma GT and ALT were sky high (common in drinkers). Anyway scans showed my liver was twice the size of a normal liver but luckily it was all caught early so medication keeps it under control and regular scans shows no further damage like scarring or stiffening so hopefully I will remain fit and well. I don't drink at all now and eat healthily. As everyone else suggests try giving up drinking completely and ask your doctor to repeat blood tests and compare. For itching try taking an anti histimene - I have to take one every day for allergies and sometimes two so it won't hurt you.

  • I personally think your lookin for something you probably have my got , I'm not a drinker but I know they treat heavy drinkers with vitamin b to help , you say your ache has gone which is a good thing , your Iching could be a parasite virus like scabies , if your bloods were OK did you have an L F T blood done , this can rule out a lot .i think you should keep a good eye on yourself n being a heavy drinker since you were 17 would not help , definitely knock that in the head , have you any other signs like tiredness , head aches , insomnia, ascities?? good luck with the future n keep seeing your doc .

  • Hiya no other symptoms at all but I seem to go in be told I'm fine and then be ok for a few days and then convince myself something else is wrong I've been thinking I've had yellow eyes ect went to doctors and they said nothing wrong I asked for a liver biopsy but they said absolutely not as there's nothing wrong me I've had all blood tests done ranging from liver to diabetes x

  • Many years ago, when i was drinking heavily; i also had a period of about 2 or 3 weeks where i itched all over; upon stopping drinking, after a while all was back to normal ; but for that period i had clearly done some damage, but it was repairable. I've also had the Vit B12 deficiency before too. I certainly recommend you don't drink any alcohol for a period of time. And re take blood tests in 3 months or something. If all is well, then id suggest sticking to safe limits from then on.

  • Hi, not wishing to compare you to me but like Jahida said in an earlier reply, had digestive issues, severe pain and chronic itching. My itching I was told by hospital when I was admitted 6 years ago with liver failure was due to bilurubin levels causing severe jaundice in my case. My drinking was very heavy at that time and I hadn't had a scan or anything leading up to the failure. Like all the others say, give the drink a break, the itching could be anxiety but take advice from doctor and ask what your bilurubin results (blood test) are. I'm no expert, far from it but you have youth on your side. Hopefully all should be well with you. Just my experience...thats all.

    Best wishes


  • Thank you for the replies my doctors advice has been cut down to just weekends or have a couple of glasses each night all my tests have been ok and the scan the itching touch wood has gone now and they won't give me any more tests as they say I'm fine. I'm taking everyone's advice and cutting it out for a while and then drink moderately after x

  • stick to the new guidelines...14 units per week with 2-3 days dry-that's my advice

  • Need a liver function test done

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