URQ pain with normal LFTs

Hi. Wonder if anyone can help. I am a 29yo female. Had pain in upper right side for over a year. Last year had an Ultrasound. Showed dilated common bile ducts. Doc was not worried. Just recently had some blood work done and all liver function tests are normal however still get pain in URQ and around to the back. Going for another ultrasound but i am so so worried. Can anyone help or what could it be??

Thank you x

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  • I'm not sure what could be causing the pain except for the dilated common bike ducts. But since liver function is normal, it seems you might not have to worry. Wait for the new ultrasound and let us know what happens.

  • Thanks so much for your reply. I also have trouble with bowel movements and have done for years i am wondering now if it is connected

  • hi im 28 and I have had the exact same pain but ive also had a build up of fluid inside me which is the first sign of liver failure under assessment at the moment for a new liver, but my bloods are bad enough and yours seem to be good im not sure just keep an eye out for swollen belly and ankles hope this helps :)

  • Thanks for replying! I hope you are well soon and you get sorted asap.

    Yes well all bloods were normal so no idea what it could be. Im thinking it shouldnt be my liver really if all bloods totally normal. Thank u agian and take care


  • I suffer with a similar complaint and also suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome - I too have been told my blood results for my liver are ok and not to worry but the pain is still there and at it's worse I feel cold and lethargic. I wonder if you may be having a touch of IBS? I'm going to see my GP about the pain and will be asking for a scan for my liver and answers to find out what stage my liver damage is at with the NASH. Good with your situation I wish you well.

  • How were you diagnosed with IBS? I have had bowel problems for years and never seen anyone about it really but been reading alot about IBS and chrones etc. so you have normal LFTs but you have NASH? Would that not show some elevated enzymes in your blood work? My doc said all blood tests were normal she done LFT kidney total blood count and something else.

    Thanks again for replying. Xx

  • Hey there Nataliarachel84.

    I was diagnosed with IBS following surgeries to remove a massive fibroid. The size of a 6 month gestation foetus. Basically at during the time of the surgery they discovered that I was suffering from very sever Endometreosis (Endo), which had fused other internal organs to my bowel. Also, chocolate cysts on the bowel too which were removed, and when they seperated the organs from my bowel. I was told I would always have problems like IBS because of the damage from the Endo cysts, the separation process and also as result of the surgeries themselves; the fact that surgeons wear latex gloves and this also leaves an impact on organs that are being touched and banged about. Mine were banged about quite a bit because my uterus haemorrhaged, I almost died due to too much blood loss. The resulting scar tissue that would form once the healing process was complete would add to the IBS.

    Medication were prescribed following horrendous abdominal cramping and bloating - my stomach seemed to make me two sizes too small for my clothes. I would be asked "when is your baby due?" The other thing that happens is without warning I can be incredibly constipated or have terrible diarrhoea. Apparently increased stress can aggravate IBS, which I have found is true for me.

    As to the NASH I was diagnosed with in 2006. I've been to the doc's today and will be having a scan for my liver to find out if the NASH has in fact progressed beyond stage two and to check if I may have gall stones!

    Will keep you posted.

    Hopefully, you can go and discuss the problems that you have been having for sometime with your GP or if not with the Nurse at the practice. Better not to leave yourself with worry and concern. Good luck.

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