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persistent cough

I have had a cough for about 30 years sometimes as a result of a bug it gets worse and i have had pneumonia but normally I just cough most of the winter and resort to antibiotics in desperation. They sort it but never 100% .It seems to be caused by fluid coming down from my nose. Have had various tests .and am not asmatic. Usually better in warm weather. I have tried non dairy diets which had some effect. Anyone had similar problems and if so any suggestions?

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Have you tried eliminating all gluten? It is hidden in many places you'd likely not suspect, including toiletries and skin care products, processed foods, beer, etc. even if you've tested as not gluten intolerant it may be worth a month trial. Different testing approaches have different parameters and sensitivities. You can test as not intolerant and still have problems with it.


Will look up what gluten is in and try for a month definatly worth a go.Thanks forthe suggestion,


Have now read up on gluten free looks like a good way to lose weight too!


There can be many benefits if you have any degree of sensitivity. Best of luck and let us know how it goes.


Thanks have started the glutten free diet today! will report back in a month.


Could be allergic rhinitis, and your sinuses getting blocked and clearing down the back of your throat. Get the okay from your Dr. But you can use a nasal spray , a steroid one, and antihistamines to damp it down. Could be dust allergy and having heating on makes it worse.

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Thank you for the suggestions I will ask the gp if he will give me a steroid spray. Cant do much about dust as have animals!


try a starch based diet but you need to know how to cook the food.

never cook your food above 55 celcius, always leave the potato skin on unless you are drinking the juices, all the nutrients leech out if you take the skin off, don't eat the skin while your immune system is low it contains a couple of toxins.

Brown rice not white and try and get some seaweed to go with the rice, seaweed is one of the most medically active things we can eat don't worry about taste when you are trying to get better taste is related to one organ where you have a total of 7500 organs

Green Bananas are high in resistant starch which is what you want to create in order to neutralise the neutrophils which could be the cause of your cough

Start eating the fruit of the season that grows near you

also juice one organic lemon and lime everyday including the skins and this will help your lungs by getting the tar and rubber out that combine from the roads and create microfine particles that they don't tell you are the main cause of bronchitis.

dairy and meat are acidic in your body which means your body has to use minerals and vitamins to neutralise the baddies you are getting from them, when you apply heat to these two it destroys the majority of goodness that was in it.

Research all this yourself so you understand it but this is sound knowledge and will show you how to get rid of the cough if you need more advice just ask me.


many thanks will try and think more about what i eat


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