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Bad cough with liver cancer

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Can a bad cough be related to a persons diagnosis of HCC cancer?

This is since tace treatment it does not sound like a normal cough

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Does it sound like a breathless cough? This seems to be a common side affect of cirrhosis... Maybe to do with ascites? Might that apply?

Yes it could be.

We are going to try to get a scan.

A scan definitely seemed the right option. Ultrasound will pick up on fluid, as I am sure many others will.

Have you mentioned the cough to the Dr? It was something I'd noticed but my boyfriend insisted was his asthma and as it got gradually worse, I can understand why he thought this and why I nearly believed him.

Did his turn out to be fluid? I am getting some advice from hospital today

There is such a thing as a 'cancer cough'. Bolly who frequently posts on here had liver cancer and a persistent cough. Her cough disappeared after her cancer was treated via resection.

This cough might just be another factor in the HCC which is already known about.

We are trying to get a scan but he is refusing to go

Yes Katie is right, i had a cough which was first treated as possible asthma but didnt respond to medication, it went after i had my tumour removed.

There is green phlegm which suggests bacterial? Is that right

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AyrshireK in reply to eekk

If it isn't a dry cough and they are producing green phlegm then they need to go to doctors a.s.a.p. as this might signify a chest infection or even pneumonia and they need antibiotics.

I called the local hospital they say a+e is packed, the consultants secretary has voicemail switched on and his nurse has not responded to me as yet, his Go can squeeze him in before closing but he has no equipment so will likely send him on to the hospital which I suggested in the first place . Nightmare

He refused to go to the hospital saw a gp who is not even qualified in his condition and didn't bother sending him for a scan and prescribed him antibiotics even though the doctor did not even know for sure what it was.

Assuming its chest infection but could be pneumonia, fluid or side effect of chemo but he is just being stubborn and not going for a scan

We had him on a healthy diet which improved his poor diet and diabetes but today he has blamed us for him having no life and sat there and ate a chippy tea after everything we have done to help him.

Family that were feeding him really bad foods have been filling his head with he can eat what he likes and I am the bad one but common sense and facts will tell you how many people have died from eating healthy food? And how many have died from eating absolute rubbish?

How dare they make me feel I have done wrong by cutting out processed and microwaved food

Depends on why your liver is affected. My husband was diagnosed with Alpha 1 AntiTrypsin Deficiency when he as found to have cirrhosis. His cirrhosis was caused by something called "Alpha1 AntiTrypsin Deficiancy, which also causes a lung disease know as "bronchiectasis"Hence a cough.

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