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My Fibroscan Results

So now I have 3 sets of clear bloods, clear ultrasound, now my Fibroscan:

Highest 5.4 KPA

Lowest 3.0 KPA

Medium 4.2 KPA

No Fibrosis!!

Success rate 100%

IQR 17%

CAP (fat)

233 db/m

threshold 220 db/m

Doctor said it minimal at just 13 db/m over

wonder what it was 6 months ago?

some more bloods too:

ALT 20

AST 20 finally an AST!

GGT 16

ALP 50

Albumin 48

Bili 13.4 (1.0-21.0)

Doctor said I can put a liver problem out of my head right now! He said everything was pretty much text book values.

We discussed my whole sorry story and he strongly thinks I had acute Pancreatitis(some clues in my first blood work) and gastroenteritis. Also said things can take a long long time to get back to normal. He also said be careful when reading google, it can scare you silly!

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That's very good news for you Ralph and a weight off your shoulders, i am sure.


wow those are consistently good fibroscan was 5.8 and CAP score was 256.All my other stats are worse than yours although still within "normal" except for my fluctuating ALT.


hi. Yes im pretty pleased with how it went. A little bit of fat, but with no alcohol, exercise and a better diet i dont think that will be a problem. Can you just explain your condition? You stats dont sound too bad, under 7kpa is normal?


Hi Ralph. Based on what I've read of your condition and how much you used to drink I am surprised that you gave liver issues. You seem to fall just short of the minimum requirements to have any significant liver disease.Since the summer of 2013 I've had high ALT which is indicative of ongoing liver inflamation.I also have high ferritin of 450 which is a liver disease marker. I've also been diagnosed with mild fatty liver.It is though that fat globules inside liver cells are putting pressure on the cells and causing cell membrane damage. When cell membranes rupture enzymes such as ALT and ferritin leak into the bloodstream giving high readings. What's causing the fat infiltration in the liver is a bit of debate.i drank heavy for 20 yrs with countless fall drunk episodes.i've always been skinny but about 4 yrs ago I was put on anti depressants and they gave me big appetite and I gained 15-20 the time my psychologist suggested I get a liver blood panel test after I told him of my drinking habits. My ALT came back with 58.i quit drinking for 3 months and It climbed to 82. I reduce meds , lost weight and ALT came down but still above I decreased or increased the meds my weight would rise or fall and my ALT would follow. Recent US shows non fatty and improved dec 2014 Fibroscan was 3.6 and this past dec it rose to 5.8 which is borderline mild fibrosis.It is thought that anything below 7 is normal but that is's assumed that a large % of the population has very mild fibrosis. If you look at the Fibroscan scoresheet a 7 Kpa is clearly into the fibrosis area.anything above 5 and you are's unclear whether weight gain or alcohol has caused my fatty liver.gastrointerologist said I can drink moderately but my doctor tells me I must never drink again.regardless of cause,alcohol aggravates any liver condition.

I stopped drinking for a year and my ALT followed my weight for the most part. I can't imagine quitting drinking. I love it but i've scaled back quite a lot. I await results of recent bloodwork.


Do you know why your alt is fluctuating? Mine is too!


Mostly because of weight fluctuations.if I increase meds my weight goes up and ALT follows. If I reduce meds my weight drops and so does ALT.recently though my ALT was 90 when my weight was down to 152 lbs and normaly at that weight my ALT should be around 65 from previous experiences. I did have a 20 drink binge 3 weeks prior so The doctor thinks that's why.we retested 7 weeks later and my ALT came down to 28.its lowest appears both weight and alcohol are factors. The main culprit is still unclear as are so many things with liver disease. I'm waiting for my latest bloodwork,also 3 weeks after another 10 drink binge.if my readings are low then weight gain will be the main suspect as I have lost some weight but still weight more than pre meds. If ALT is back high again then alcohol is the likely cause. If so I will have to stop drinking for a very long time if not forever. I await latest blood work results!


I can give you a comparison to myself, i went on a 20drink binge over 2 days during the world cup in 2014, i felt so ill after i thought i was dying, that why i started getting into this liver stuff, anyway 3 weeks later my bloods were ALT 23, GGT 23, ALP 47. I have not had a drink since the world cup, my ALT is now always 20. Fibroscan did show a little fat so im going to work on that. thing is with the liver, its so complex, the more i read the more sacred i get! it seems to me the fat in your liver may make you more sensitive to alcohol, fat in your liver and your over all weight arent always in direct correlation, i would change diet and exercise and drop the alcohol.

Reply you can reduce your iron by giving whole blood


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