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CA 19.9 tumour marker

I just posted a question on the PBC site. I'm not sure if it will also show on this site. I was diagnosed with PBC in February of this year. Biopsy showed Stage 3/4. This past week I had blood work and my CA19.9 tumour marker showed up as 190 when the normal level is under 27. I am starting to really worry! Also, I showed a presence of hypochromia. Has anyone else tested high without a cancer diagnosis?

Thank you for support,


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Hi doodlebug. When I had an elevated tumour marker I was immediately sent for a CT and then MRI scan. Have you been offered a scan?

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Hi Bolly... I have an ultrasound scheduled for October which was booked from a June appointment. I am seeing my Hepatologist tomorrow and will question this with him. We currently have a band-aid medical system here in Vancouver, British Columbia. We have had so many immigrants coming into our country that has put a toll on our healthcare. It takes forever to get into a specialist.


Hi doodle, I would press for an earlier scan and see if you can up it to a CT or even better an MRI but if you have to do this under medical insurance I'm out of my depth as I'm in the UK and our investigations and treatment are free. If there is a hint of anything sinister here in the UK we are fast tracked for possible cancer diagnostic imaging.


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