Some promising news:)


we were summoned to the hospital this week... Not knowing what was in store we arrived armed with 101 different possibilities. My heart missed a beat when the receptionist said a doctor was to see us... The reason behind all of this was that my husband had been discussed at a meeting of professionals and they had decided to offer him a hep C medication...which is new and is supposed to clear the virus as well as giving him a chance to even be in a position where he may come off the list...

will regularly update:)

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  • That is wonderful news. It's good news week!

    A very interesting & hopeful chance for you both then and I am sure a lot of Hep C posters will be very excited. Our fingers & toes are crossed for you both.

    Keep posting.

    Bill's wife

  • Thank you...

    He has genotype 3, did not clear with inteferon and ribavirin... These meds are new one has not been approved yet, but being given on compassionate grounds... Once i can spell the names of the meds properly I will add to this post...

  • Great

    I had hep c and was treated with inteferon and ribavirin for 6 months but it came back I was then put back on for another 12 months and am now free of it and have been for a few years.

    They also say that my liver is not as bad as they thought so that was good news

    I hope all goes well for you both with the new treatment

  • Thank you all for your kind support...

    The paperwork is complete now so just waiting for the meds to arrive...

    Its a combination of ledosovpir , ribovirin and another drug...

    will post as soon as we have the meds the full names and dosage.

    Also will post how hes getting on etc.


  • congrats! sounds good to me. Let us know how it goes wont you. God Bless

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