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I thought I would share the following, as it might give some hope to those with cirrhosis, especially if newly diagnosed. Two years ago I was told I had F4 fibrosis, severe scarring and would be treated for cirrhosis, and the best we could hope for was to stop progression and any further complications. One year ago I was told liver was stable and bloods improving.

Just before Christmas 2014 I had US scan which showed, quote "effectively normal liver" and bloods all within normal range. Now the good (amazing) news, I had a FibroScan a couple of weeks ago and letter received yesterday from Consultant, quote "this shows significant reduction in scar tissue on your liver". Very different from FibroScan I had 18 months ago. I love the word "significant"!

I don't' know how,why or when, but I do know I have done massive research into liver disease, diet, vitamins and supplements (even down to reading, or trying to read medical papers published) - something worked for me. A xx

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  • Great news to hear that fatty liver can be reversed by good lifestyle choices. Spread the word Anne amongst people you see making poor lifestyle choices! By removing the underlying cause of the damage you have healed your liver, well done. And by trying to avoid medications or anything else toxic to your liver it should stay healthy. Bear in mind that those with a chronic underlying cause that cannot be removed, or those whose cause has to be controlled by medication, its unlikely such a dramatic reversal would happen. But it should be possible to halt or at least slow down the progression of cirrhosis by, as you have done, living well and educating yourself on all the functions of the liver and giving it lots of TLC. Well done.

  • Hi, Sounds good news, are we all partying

  • Thanks for all kind words - I know I am very lucky as many have no control over the cause or outcome of their condition. No party I'm afraid Brummi, just a bunch of flowers from 'me' to 'me', not too toxic. And Bolly I will try my best to spread the word where I can. A xx

  • congratulations keep up the good work

  • what are the before and after scores for the fibroscan and what were you eating?

  • Hi

    Consultant didn't put scores in letter, but I have sent email asking for these, for my records. I am assuming all must be good as the letter states "we would like to see you one last time at the clinic to discuss the investigations we have carried out". One last time sounds good to me. Re eating, do you mean just before FibroScan or my diet in general? A

  • interesting indeed, when its states reduced does it mean you are no longer cirrhotic or that the severity of the cirrhosis has gone down? A score of below 12.5kpa means its not F4(cirrhosis), there are stages F0(no scarring),F1(mild scarring),F2(medium scarring),F3(bridging scarring). I am currently F0 with a score of 4.2kpa average which is where you want to be, they did find a little bit of fat above normal though at 233dbCAP. it is possible you never quite had F4, perhaps F3 with alcoholic hepatitis? I have read cases where Hep-c suffers have pulled it back from F3 to F0.

    I was asking about diet because it may helped you getting your scarring down.

  • Firstly I am very glad you are OK. My diet for last few months has been lowish carb and real food, no processed or low fat items. I use butter, cream, full fat yoghurt, eggs, fish and chicken in cooking. Plus lots of veg and some fruit, a little brown rice and whole grain oatmeal for porridge which I make with unsweetened almond milk. No bread, pastry or cakes - dark chocolate for a treat. I take multi vitamin with extra vit E (I read in one of the books that it helps to soften scarring helping blood flow - I think this was in a book about living with Cirrhosis). I know different types of liver disease require different diets, but I think this is working for me. Check out on line changing attitudes to eating natural fats as opposed to heavily manufactured low fat ones. Best Wishes A

  • Congratulations!

    What wonderful news!

    It is amazing how much we can improve things with just a few changes and understanding what is going into our system...

    Thank you for sharing:)


  • My father was diagnosed with liver disease and was told he had alcoholic cirrhosis. Since last July I have researched liver disease and read many journal articles. My rough conclusion after reading his LFTs was that he may have some kind of portal hypertension. I have also researched on supplements and vitamins affected by liver disease. I narrowed my supplements choice to Glutathione, SAM-e, NAC, and Milk Thistle. Besides these, I also bought some nutritional supplements making sure they contain b-vitamins among them B6, B9, K1. He seems to be doing well now. I may add that finding good supplements is the key to protect and nurture the liver. This amazing organ does close to 500 functions. I may add that research has suggested that once the underlying cause of cirrhosis is under control it is possible that the liver recover its functions. There is empirical evidence of that. Thus keep your spirit up and protect this precious organ the best way you can.

  • Hi

    Thanks for your interesting reply. I tried SAM-e for a couple of months but it didn't seem to agree with me, I haven't tried NAC. Other than those supplements I mentioned earlier in the 'post', I take extra B12, plus minerals selenium and zinc. Also, ( rather controversial) liquid oxygen drops for cell regeneration.

    I read recently in 'Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology' Dec 14 the abstract of a study carried out in India re. Probiotics - "over a 6 month period daily intake of the probiotic VSL3 significantly improved liver function in patients with cirrhosis ". Going to do a bit more research on that. Best wishes to you and your father. A

  • Anne, would you share any of your key findings? I'm 3 years post gallbladder removal and initial HCC ( 2 recurrences since) but I don't know where to start looking at all the supplements etc. Thanks. Sarah x

  • Sorry Anne, I then read on down the post and found your suggestions x

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