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hi all, I have been diagnosed with both anti mitochondrial antibodies (AMA) (primary biliary cirrhosis) and anti smooth muscle (ASM) (autoimmune hepatitis). Apparently it is uncommon to have both and I will be starting medication shortly Ursofalk and Entocort steroids. Anyone else out there in a similar position and does anyone have any idea whats ahead of me??

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I was diagnosed with AIH/PBC overlap syndrome in 2011 aged 46. I was put on Budenofalk steroids (for AIH) (which were changed from Prednisoline due to unwanted side effects). I was also put on Ursodeoxycholic Acid (for PBC). During the course of 8 months I was weaned off steroids and introduced to Azathioprine (autoimmune suppressant). I have been on Aza for 2.5yrs now and I am in remission for the AIH and my consultant is talking about taking me off them to see if I can stay in remission without the Aza. Urso is for life as it only slows down the progression of the PBC, it cannot be cured. They say we will die with PBC not as a result of having it. Hope this helps. X


Thanks. Its good to know I'm not the only one out there


You will also find others with the same overlap syndrome, and more information, in the PBC Healthunblocked site. Also contact the PBC Foundtion in Edinburgh. They are a great source of support and invaluable info. Once your LFT's are stabalised you'll feel a lot better. It all seems scary at the moment but hang in there. Take care and listen to your body. X


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