End stage liver cirrhosis

Does anyone here with the above condition have problems with there feet that make them get veruccas and pain? I dont leave the house ever so the veruccas cant of been passed on by physical contact and even my gp was baffled as to how i got them on both feet! My gp does home visits and shopping etc is taken care of by my selfless landlord thank god...

Sorry about bothering a serious health issue forum with such a trivial problem but ive gotten such benefits from passing on and receiving info on this site that seems to help me when im confused.

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  • I had a liver transplant 2 years ago which is working well. I do have foot pain however,which has been diagnosed as periferal neuropathy and is probably due to excessive use of alcohol in the past. This is nerve damage and,depending on the type of damage is treatable using medication and physiotherapy. There is no cure. Hope this is of use,best of luck.

  • Maybe years ago you were infected by the human papilloma virus (HPV) that causes warts (veruccas are warts) and your current poor health has triggered what was dormant into an active virus again, causing the verrucas. Just a guess, as you clearly havent got them from recent contact with the virus.

  • Hi H1ghtower

    i also suffer from veruccas and pain, i am having cirrhosis dignosed in 2010, but recently in dec2014 i am having pain and veruccas, asked GP he suggest to replace footware with soft one, replacement doesnt help me but with the help of multivitamin veruccas disaappeared but lot of pain in feets. Is this is the start of edema? please reply if some one have an idea or information.

  • Thankyou all so much...its amazing how much ambiguity exists with something like this. I usually find the answers on the net but had to admit defeat on this one.

    This may sound unfair, but, the more i research my own illness and symptoms the more i lose faith in medical advice as a whole.

  • Ive not had many replies, so, i,m assuming the nerve damage to feet that is associated with cirrhosis has made my verucca stand out pain wise at least. Theoretically, I suppose they could of been there for years without me noticing.

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