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Reducing LFT readings

Hi, everyone.

I'm new to this site and wonder if anyone can help. Ive had regular LFTs for years because of medications-BP, acute reflux, asthma, cholesterol etc etc. I'm 66 and male.

Everything was fine -ct scan in 2010 fine. However, my LFT readings have been dropping every year since then-

ALT is steady at 32 but protein down from 71 in 2010 t0 57 now, albumin down from 44 to 34 over same period, globulin from 29 to 23, alk phos from 78 to 49.

My GP seems unconcerned but seems only to look at the current reading, rather than the trend. I have had other health issues with failed surgery for reflux and sinus surgery this year.

I also have medulllary sponge kidney and carry lots of small stones. I have some peripheral oedema in the legs from time to time.

Any comments or wisdom would be greatly appreciated, as I am now scared stiff that my liver may be packing up.

Thanks, all


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