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300 lft?


Hi I’m 33, female. I weigh around 13 stones and 5ft 8. Lastnight I was in the hospital for blood test to see if I had a blood clot turns out I don’t but my liver enzymes came back and one was high. He didn’t say which but told me the other was slightly higher but this one was higher and told me to stop drinking. Asked me how much I drank and I said couple bottles of wine a week maybe 1. He said that’s a lot and I need to stop as my liver needs to heal. I didn’t think I drank a lot, I’m terrified it’s something more as I’ve not drank for a week as I’ve been taken ibuprofen tablets for my leg. I also take multi vitamins and not got a great diet. Eat lot of chocolate, drink fizzy pop, eat takeaways etc. I am so worried I have something seriously wrong with me. He’s told me to ask my gp to double check it but I need to stop the drinking.

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Hi Lucky, its probably sensible advice while they try to establish the cause. There are though any number of things that could have raised your levels including taking the ibuprofen. So keep a bit of an open mind for the time being.


Hi Lucy,

Are you in the UK? it may be a good idea to call our nurse led helpline. We are open Monday to Friday 10am to 3pm on 0800 652 7330

In the meantime, have a look at our publication 'Liver disease tests explained'


It would also be a good idea to find out from your GP which enzymes are raised and discuss having a repeat blood test and a possible liver ultrasound scan.

Our website also has information on a balanced nutritional diet and alcohol guidelines.

Best wishes


Lucky87 in reply to Trust1

Hi I am. Thanks I’ve spoke to my doctor she’s told me they’re 216 not 300 it’s my gamma that’s 216 and alt is 42. She thinks I have fatty liver she said she’d do a repeat but instead she’ll send me for a ultrasound as I had a liver condition with my daughter she’s 6 in March.

Trust1Administrator in reply to Lucky87

If a fatty liver is found, we would suggest to make sure you discuss further testing for fibrosis- that is stiffening or scarring in the liver.

The specific blood tests are Fib-4 score blood test or an Enhanced Liver Fibrosis (ELF) blood test. A specific scan called a FibroScan also estimates fibrosis.

You may want to discuss this with your own GP who will be able to look up the NICE guidance.

Lucky87 in reply to Trust1

Thank you. I’ve suffered with right shoulder blade pain for years could this be linked? I put it down to slouching and using that arm a lot, I used to sit at desk a lot and use a mouse for computer. I’ve had it ever since I can remember so not sure if the ggt levels are linked or not

Laura009 in reply to Lucky87

Hi Lucky. Whatever the underlying cause of your fatty liver, giving up the alcohol, fizzy pop and all that junk food will benefit you liver and general health no end. If you replace it with low fat, low sugar foods, plenty of fruit and veg and low fat meats for protein, your fatty liver can heal. You will have loads more energy and lose weight. Your aches and pains will also subside given time. You will be amazed how much better you will feel.

Good luck Lucky!! Take care.

Laura x

Lucky87 in reply to Laura009

Thank you laura I am in such a state it’s something more serious as it’s all my gamma gt thats elevated. I can’t stop crying I can’t eat cos it’s making me Feel sick and hardly slept😫

Trust1Administrator in reply to Lucky87


Try not to panic, your GP sounds like they are ordering all the right tests. Why don't you think about calling our helpline today and myself or Kirsty can have a chat with you?

Warm wishes


Nuthatch19 in reply to Trust1

I posted as a new member and had two helpful replies but couldn’t get through to the helpline. What is the best time to try ?

cammeag in reply to Lucky87

Hi Lucky, I know it sounds frightening but honestly on the grand scale of what symptoms are knocking around this forum, you have a great short at a good life. What Laura said is very good advice, but do not think your life is over and you have to become a nun!!

Most people just do not realise how nice healthy food can be, I certainly didn’t. And it does not seem that you have a problem at all with alcohol, so after giving your liver a rest and a lot of TLC you can have the odd glass or two and don’t feel guilty about having it.

There are lots of suggestions about healthy food on the help line, personally I prefer my own😉. But please do not worry, it’s always a tendency with us humans to think the worst.

Do not forget to come back and give us all the good news after your tests are over and you have implemented a little change in your lifestyle. Take care lucky

Lucky87 in reply to cammeag

Hi thanks for reassuring me. What kind of diet are you on? My partner has been told he has fat spots on his liver he is heavily over weight. So I’m

Wanting to make the change for us both. I’ve heard black coffee can help? I drink coffee but usually with milk. I am willing to try anything at the minute. I’ve had a bowl of vegetables for my lunch and had some lemon juice.

cammeag in reply to Lucky87

Hi lucky. There is no special name for my diet. I was admitted to hospital with liver failure in April 2019. It was a long hard process trying to get some semblance of health.

I learned the hard way that the Doctors, dieticians and many many articles in newspapers and magazines just do not understand what foods could increase my health. Then again, things looked so bad at times they didn’t think I’d live much longer anyway

I had carers when I came out of hospital and unfortunately we disagreed on what I should and should not eat. I am not intelligent by a long stretch but I am not stupid either and I know when people are fobbing me off. When I sacked them and had to stand on my own 2 feet that was when I discovered proper diets did not mean depriving yourself.

Anyway my diet will be completely different to yours but in some ways similar.

Breakfast; About 300 g of fruit, whatever you like. Do you not eat anything for 20 minutes and then have some healthy cereal.

I have to have a mid-morning snack due to my liver but you don’t.

Lunch; Any lean meat except red meat, and as many vegetables as you like. Try to discover a gravy that you love.

Again I have a mid afternoon snack and again you do not need to worry

Dinner... Again try to eat lean meat and if you have rice or pasta try to make it wholewheat. Again as many vegetables as you like.

I tried to give you a brief summary of what I have. Obviously we will differ in taste, so investigate, branch out and look for meals according to your taste.

Coffee is fine and yes it can be good for you if you have one cup a day. If you do try any diet just listen to your body and think about the effect it is having on you. That is normally the best way of telling whether it is the right one for you

You can pm me for any help you may need tweaking this or recipes for soups etc

All the best


My Gp told me to stop drinking for years. I didn’t understand it as I didn’t think I drank that much! After 10 years of raised levels he referred me to a specialist. Tests showed I have Hepatitis C! I have never been a drug user and have been told I most likely contracted it from a blood transfusion 33 years ago!! I am currently having treatment but fear the damage to my liver has already been done. I am very upset as I don’t understand why I wasn’t tested for this years ago.

Lucky87 in reply to Ruby1960

Oh no I’ve never had a blood transfusion or anything. I don’t know what mine is down to. Doctor seems to think fatty liver but i keep thinking it’s something more sinister and ice stopped eating through stress and can’t sleep. 😩

I’m a very similar height & weight to you but I do have a very healthy diet. I would insist on more test if I was you.

Good look

Lucky87 in reply to Ruby1960

I used to be 9 stone, 10 while pregnant to what daughter and then gained weight to 13 stone in 5 years I’d say. We tend to eat a lot of fast foods and I drink Pepsi max and hardly any water.

Good morning Lucky, I see you've had some good, sound advice already on here. I just wanted to ask some more about your leg condition. Are you presently taking other medication for both the condition and the pain? The liver doesn't like ibuprofen very much, and some medications can be quite toxic to the liver. Especially if many drugs are taken as a cocktail all at the same time.

There are many reasons why a person may have high liver enzymes. These can range from damage be done to the liver, due to toxic substances like alcohol and certain medications, or could be due to an infection or possible blockage.

The liver is a very tolerant, and very forgiving organ. It can put up with a lot of abuse and doesn’t complain very much. Your GP will most like want to get to the bottom of what is causing these enzymes to rise. To do this, they normally like to rule out what it’s not.

By stopping alcohol and not eating junk food for six weeks or so, is the easiest and cheapest option. The liver takes on average 6-weeks to repair its self. So by repeating the test in six weeks, it could rule out the need for further examinations and scans. If on the other hand, the enzymes are still high, then further tests may be required.

Try not to worry. Your liver is still pretty young at 33. (It takes on average 21 years for a liver to fully grow, so your liver has only been fully grown for 12-years). I think you have been able to identify that your liver is struggling, but there’s nothing broken that can’t be fixed.

Your doctors are on the case, and will no doubt get to the bottom of what is going on.



Hi Richard thank you for your words.

I went to my doctor yesterday my levels are 216 for my gamma gt. my other levels were fine one was slightly higher at 42. I had been taking ibuprofen 3 times a day which was advised by doctor, I did that for 7-8 days. Last two I had was 1pm and my bloods were drawn at 630. After I had my blood results I decided to stop taking them and told doctor yesterday I won’t take anymore Incase it’s that that has been the cause and she agreed. She said usually they’d do another blood test in 3 months but because I had a liver condition while pregnant with my daughter that says it usually goes after pregnant, she’ll refer me for ultra sound. She thinks maybe it’s fatty liver or the ibuprofen that’s caused it. I have a few friends I met during my pregnancy with the condition and a lot have said they have had issues with gallbladder since giving birth: could any issues with my gallbladder make it elevate?

Can’t stop worrying

Thanks again.

Jm205 in reply to Lucky87

I have what I'm 98-99% sure now is a gallbladder problem, but everybody's different. Surprised nobody mentioned it. Any enzyme test article will at least hint at high ggt, raised alt as a common marker. Gallbladder seems to be like the liver though, where a person with a little case of fatty liver in there can have extremely annoying, debilitating symptoms that some people with significant cirrhosis aren't even having to deal with at all. Same with bloods. I never got any tests done right after I had to cut out the vodka and cigars, so no idea what might have been raised. Just assuming my liver was highly compromised and gallbladder removal will be in my future later on. I can run my revolving symptoms over the past 15 months or so by you though. Four months after eating a strict liver-healthy diet (I was lucky to have an incredible appetite after abstinence, and a love for healthy foods), my liver tests were better than normal. Extremely low ggt, alt, etc. I order my own tests online, and there's a wealth of information in them that many doctors want to keep to themselves. Nuh uh. Those are my tests, it's my life and health, and I deserve to know the results, which are easily researchable online. It's negligence to not tell a patient that some of their results are low or high normal. It drives me nuts when people say their doctors gave them limited or no information. My CBC tests had some concerning low-normal results that helped me investigate further, something a doctor would have not have let me known about. Get the ultrasound, but stop eating and drinking garbage. Your alcohol intake is extremely low, but if you have a fatty liver due to diet, you have to cut it out too. I tell my dad all the time. It's the same thing as alcoholism. Keep being a picky eater. Keep drinking excessive sodas along with nightly whiskey. Keep pounding down the snack cakes, fried foods, and sugar/salt. Keep indulging too much and you won't ever be able to indulge at all for the rest of your life. But anyway, for the little that you drink, I'd key in on the gallbladder. Different diet than the liver, but get your scans, more bloods (they're very cheap online), and get started on diet/exercise.

Lucky87 in reply to Jm205

Yeah I’ve searched loads on ggt levels only and nothing seems to pop up besides the main alcohol. Some said about ibs and other gastric inflammation. Also celiac disease which I do get horrendous diarrhoea if I eat whole wheat wraps, everytime I’ve had wraps I have stomach ache and on the toilet! I have started I’ve took away alcohol pop and junk . Thank you

Laura009 in reply to Lucky87

Hi Lucky. Yes your body is crying out for healthy food. It really is struggling with the high fat high sugar junk food its been getting. If you and hubby agree to do this together it will make it a whole lot easier. Get a regular exercise regime going too. Even daily walks will be a great start with your child /children. Its never to early or too late to get started and you can motivate each other. Many illnesses and diseases can be relieved, prevented and even cured just by adopting a proper healthy eating plan.

Best wishes

Laura xx

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