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12 months ago I had very deranged LFT`s and jaundice. It was found to be caused by flucloxicillin

has anyone else suffered deranged LFT`s with Jaundice with this antibiotic , and if so, have you been ok taking other antibiotics . my Doctor has prescribed me with doxycycline for an infection now and I am reluctant to take it in case I get deranged LFT`s again and jaundice

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Deranged LFTs, I took Flucloxicillin couple years ago (I have liver problems) and I became deranged, I remember it well. With respect, it is the Specialists in a particular medical field who know about liver problems, the GP only refers the patient.

My advice (and I am not a doctor) is do not take the tablets, explain the side effects to your GP and ask for an alternative for your particular infection, there is always an alternative.


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