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I had a csection two and half months ago. I had bloodtests about three weeks ago and everything was normal except my ALT was 54. So after 2

Weeks I had another bloodtest and it was 90. The next day it was 105. All my other liver tests were normal and hepitatis screening was negative as well. I m

Overweight and have been eating a lot if junk but can that raise my ALT that high?what could b causing my ALT to rise? How soon should I have my next bloodtest? I had tests in jan and everything was normal. I don't drink either.


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Hi,I can't really say what is causing the problem for you, I wanted to say that you really need to speak to a specialist hepatologist who can go through all of your risk factors with you.

I know i'm going to be shot down for this by some, but I think that sometimes too much is made of drink causing liver problems. I am not and have never been a drinker (maybe one glass on special occasions for a toast) and when my liver started to show signs of cirrhosis I was confused and scared but found a lot less support than those who drink receive. I don't mean on here,I can guarantee that the people here will make you feel part of a group of understanding friends.

Ask at your doctor's if there is a support group in your area as well, that makes you feel more normal.

In spur of all I have said I hope none of it applies to you and that your cause is found and eliminated without liver damage that can't be reversed.

sorry for confused post - I know what I want to say but morphine has my clarity on part time shifts lol. X


Hi Irene and yes as Mrsmerlin says its not just alcohol that damages your liver. It can be diet, lifestyle, diabetes, fatty liver, insulin resistance, viruses, autoimmune conditions .... lots of different things. Best thing is to get yourself referred to a liver specialist (hepatologist) and they will run all the right tests needed to diagnose why your ALT is elevated at the moment. Best of luck.


Thanks! My Gp said the next step is a scan. After that he will do more blood tests n refer me to specialist.So am waiting for an appointment. But I have heard if everything is clear they take a bit of the liver through a needle for a biopsy :( that is scaring me.I have started eating healthy n exercising. So hopefully the Alt is elevated cause of the junk I was eating. Could it be cause of all the painkillers snd anesthisa given for the csection?


"Could it be cause of all the painkillers and anaesthesia given for the c-section", I'm not medically qualified but I would guess after 2 1/2 months the effects of these are well out of your body, unless you are still taking painkillers? Its more likely to be your diet, so hopefully the thought of that biopsy will keep you eating healthily now! Lets hope the scan is good and by choosing to eat healthily from now on by the time you get more blood tests done your liver function will have started to improve.

Children learn by example, so as you introduce your baby to solids etc you need to be leading by example - no junk food for baby, no junk food for you.


Thanks! Yup healthy eating all the way. Just praying the ultrasound and Alt normal now. I was taking ibpourfen till a month ago :(


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