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Very High Liver Function Test

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Good evening everyone I hope I have posted in the correct place.

My name is Dave I am 45years old not overweight and gave up drinking 6 years ago. I have recently felt not well lethargic, night sweats and dizziness, I have also gone off my food a little.

In the past I have taken a lot of zappain which is codeine and paracetamol based prescription meds 30/500 along with naproxen and over the counter ibuprofen for a chronic back condition.

Went to Doctors he had done a full blood screen cbc was fine but my LFT was very high. I Was sent to the hospital they have taken more bloods and are screening for hep to which I am awaiting results back.

Billarubin levek is fine no pain under my rib cage or signs of jaundice which I take as a positive.

I am having a ultrasound scan tomorrow I am beside myself with worry and I know that can make things so much worse.

If anyone can give me advice I would really appreciate your help.

Many thanks Dave

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Hi Dave sorry to hear your not feeling too well X

Your not supposed to post results on here as everyone's are determined differently for different conditions

Saying that yours are quite high and that's why they are investigating which is the main thing ...

The scan is nothing to worry about it's just to check if there is any obvious signs of scarring (fingers crossed it's good news)

The tablets you have been on won't be great for your liver and one of my friends was on copious amounts of paracetamol for a decade or more for back pain and her liver was quite poorly through it ..

I know it's hard but please don't worry until you have too or might not have too ...

The liver is the most important organ and even damaged can repair itself with some TLC from us ....

Good luck and let us know how you get on 😊

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Suvs in reply to jojokarak

Thank you son much for the reply having someone to talk to and advice you does make you feel better.

I will hopefully update tomorrow and edit the post regarding results

Many thanks

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jojokarak in reply to Suvs

No worries I know it's worrying but like I said the liver is amazing ... Where are you if you don't mind me asking?

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Suvs in reply to jojokarak

Hi Jo I live Portsmouth Hampshire UK. All I have been doing is reading up on the liver this last 2 weeks came across this site filled with lovely reassuring people.

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jojokarak in reply to Suvs

Lol once anyone gets an indication of liver problems we all become intrigued but it's a good and a bad thing Google for information

Am pleased you have stumbled across us it's a great wealth of experience and knowledge between us all 😊 and they are a friendly bunch

Your right down south from me but I know there is a couple on here from Southport who will advise about hospitals/consultants 😊

I am in Manchester

you have done the right thing and have gone to the doctors. Try and focus on the positives that you mentioned. try not to worry i know its not easy, iv had hep c and there are treatments for this and i have been clear of it for over 12 years now. wishing you well. love grace xoxo

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Suvs in reply to grace111

Thank you Grace I have my fingers crossed and will keep you posted. Reading through some of the posts on this forum there are others far worse off than me I’m just a worrier.

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GrandmaDylan in reply to Suvs

I took ibuprofen for many years prescribed by my gp which have damaged my stomach lining. I stopped taking them several years ago but was then prescribed Naproxen which I always took with a stomach protector. Now that I've been diagnosed with cirrhosis I've been told not to take naproxen ever. I didn't take them regularly but they really helped with my restless legs so I do miss them. I do take dihydracodein at night but nothing during the day.

Hi, im really sorry ur having to go through this, and I wish I could put ur mind to rest but, until uve had all the test ir.gonna worry. But I can tell u it doesnt hurt really and its over faiy quickly. I found the waiting for answers difficult because I would rather know than not, I find not knowing more difficult than bad news. My thoughts and prayers and hugs r with u and I really hope its not bad news good luck x

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Suvs in reply to Andiball

Thank you so much for your lovely kind words. As you can imagine my mind has been all over the place this last few weeks, I had the ultra sound and the results came back as all ok, I was in complete shock as my liver blood count was so high and was convinced something wasn’t right. The consultant told me I have a viral infection called CMV which has hit me for six and left me feeling very poorly. He asssired me I would make a full recovery and that this was the reason why my LFT was so high.

Thank you ever so much to everyone who has been so kind to me this has definitely made me sit up and take note about my health and my liver Dave xx

Hi Dave,

As JoJo says, don't worry too much about it at this stage. Taking Ibruprofen in particular can raise your Liver Function tests a fair bit, particularly if you have been taking them regularly or for a significant period of time. Most anti-inflammatory meds have the same impact. If you have been feeling under the weather too, then a lot of common infections can also raise your LFTs. Hopefully it is something as simple as that. Have the scan and see what comes back. Hopefully the cause will be something relatively simple and straight forward.

Thank you Kristian for your reassuring words the ultrasound scan was fine and I will be defiantly from now on taking my health a bit more seriously this is a real wake up call for myself to think there are other people on the forum who are and have been very poorly x

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