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Bile duct

I was wondering, I have had AIH OVERLAP since I was about 11 or 12, I never found out till I was pregnant with my baby I was 18 when I was pregnant. I had the symptoms witch was itching on my legs and sore lefg. I was at my dog0ctor for about 2 years non stop and never got a blood test, he gave antihistamines for the itch but never a blood test. They says they would send to the hospital for allergy tests witch never happend. So that doctors got closed down for not doing there jobs proper. So ill get to the point if they did do blood test and looked at m LFTS my bileduct would not be thiz far gone or would it not matter how ling it takestp to find it would it still be the same way it was today. Please help me its really important to md I get the right information.THANKS FOR READING KARLI AGE 20

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I was 18 when I wad pregnant with my son sorry forgot to say that


Hi Karli, are you currently receiving any treatement for your AIH? Are you currently seeing a liver specialist?

If not then you need to push for a referral to a liver specialist who will answer your questions and monitor and treat your condition appropriately.

Your AIH needs to be very carefully monitored and possibly treated with meds. You should be (have been) getting regular blood tests to check your antibody levels etc. and these should then be being acted upon with medicine or whatever (steroids/immune suppressants).

AIH untreated can lead to cirrhosis (my hubby never even knew he had an auto immune liver disease until he was suffering the serious side effects of cirrhosis and that's when it came to light). He hasn't up until recently been receiving any treatment for AIH as it had already done its damage but just of late his bloods have started to 'go off' so liver specialist has now prescribed 20mg Prednisolone to see if levels will sort themselves out.

Your itching could be the build up of bilirubin in your blood especially if you are jaundiced as well, a blood test should pick this up. You need to be seeing a doctor who will treat your condition appropriately as from reading your post your condition would appear to have been mismanaged up until now.

Push for a referral to a liver specialist, put it in writing as well so that the paperwork is in your medical notes. If your itching is caused by bilirubin build up then you could be experiencing some damage to your liver. Don't wait, push for this a.s.a.p.

I wish you all the best and that you get some answers quickly.

Katie :)

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Hi Katie. I have been seein a professor about my liver and I'm on steroids and asapiaprine..... It was when I was 11 I had the itching and sore legs had been to the doctor for about 2 years about it but that's me just got told in 2012 that I had liver failure since I was 11... But the doctor never gave me routine bloods when I had the itching when I was 11 and I was wondering if m liver am bile duct would be the same way today if they found it when I was 12 or 13


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