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unexplained fluctuating lfts for 2.5 years also for the passed year on and off have been nothing but ill :(

Hi I was just wondering if anyone could help as I have already said my liver function has been fluctuating for 2.5 years although was only picked up in September last year after another trip to the doctors with being unwell. My symptoms vary and are hard to explain but basically I feel tired all the time, get a horrible weak feeling in my arms and legs, feel very disorientated when walking and lots more. I am not sure what my values are as I don't ask I am under a consultant at the hospital who specialises in gastro. I had an ultrasound in October which was normal then by December I started to miraculously feel well again that lasted till the end of January blood tests revealed that my lft was on its way back up again. My consultant has ordered an MRI for me so just waiting for that he said he is now looking into rarer things as he said my case is turning out to be interesting as my levels keep bouncing up and down he said something is definitely attacking my liver they just don't know what. I have been tested and cleared of hep b, hep c, when I seen him yesterday he ordered hep a and hep e tests along with ebv has anyone else suffered with these symptoms and fluctuating lfts? Also I am 30 years old and hardly ever drink just socially maybe once every 8 weeks or more somtimes but I do drink enough to get drunk

Thanks for reading and sorry for the essay

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Sorry, I cannot help you other than saying that it is very unlikely that alcohol is a cause of your problem. There are other possible causes of liver damage than alcohol,hopefully your mri will provide a clue.


Could you ever have had a tick bite, Lyme disease is on the rise in the UK?

Might be worth mentioning if you have then they can test and it's something else eliminated if not, hope they get to the root of it for you.


Ahh thankyou I'll mention it next time I see him. It's all been so long winded its the tiredness/ weakness that I struggle with as I need as much energy as possible to look after my kids. Roll on the 22nd of May hopefully he will have some answers then but if the MRI shows nothing the next step is a biopsy :/ but if it helps me get a diagnoses then it will be all worth it :)


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