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Feeling lost after a fibro scan and not knowing which way to turn.

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Hi everyone I’m new and worried I was under the consultant because I was anaemic and also had a elevated liver in my blood tests. Since having my gall bladder out three years ago my liver has always been elevated. After a few tests a mri scan showed i had a fatty liver I don’t drink but I am over weight and I’m trying to loose weight..so my consultant discharged me. As I was leaving he said actually I’ll send you for a fibro scan. I had that yesterday the result was 17.6 the guy doing it said that was high. I’m now left wondering what this means for me and will I be called back by the consultant or should I call him. My other concern is a year ago I woke up and couldn’t walk more than four steps without collapsing in pain with the bottom of my back. I’m still like it now the only time the pain goes is when I sit down. I’m on morphine and other pain relief medicines. Can liver problems cause this? Does anyone have similar I’d be really grateful for any one to comment thank you x

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Have you done ALT test ?

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Hi, no I don’t think what is a ALT test?

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An alanine aminotransferase (ALT) test measures the level of ALT in your blood. ALT is an enzyme made by cells in your liver.

ALT is normally found inside liver cells. However, when your liver is damaged or inflamed, ALT can be released into your bloodstream. This causes serum ALT levels to rise.

The reason we have mentioned the rise in ALT is because it is one of the indicators of liver inflammation and when you have ongoing inflammation your Fibroscan can't detect between that and fibrous changes in the liver.

You need to be going back to a specialist because if you don't have ongoing inflammation you could have a little more damage to the liver than just some fatty change.


When you say your bloods are elevated, do you know if your liver inflammation markers are amongst the high readings (this would be ALT or AST). Whilst the fibroscan is high it can be inaccurately so if you have ongoing liver inflammation. Fibroscan can't discern between inflammation and fibrous tissue so some people come back with a score indicative of more serious liver disease than is actually present. I would hope your doctor would have you back in as you either have ongoing inflammation that needs dealing with or more advanced liver disease than actually thought.

If you can make lifestyle changes to bring your weight down and reduce the fat in your liver that will help.

Here's the BLT page on NAFLD (Non alcohol related fatty liver disease) which might help:-britishlivertrust.org.uk/in...

As regards your issue with the lower back pain and collapse that doesn't sound related (from experience and years on the forum never heard of it before).

Maybe your GP could re-run liver blood tests, including AST and ALT and get you the results of those.


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Kensgirl3 in reply to AyrshireK

Hi Katie I haven’t had a ALT test what is that? I haven’t been told that I have any inflammation. All I’ve ever been told by my GP and then the consultant is my bloods show is my liver is slightly elevated. They did say the MRI showed a bit of a fatty liver but told me that was due to my weight, which I’m trying to loose by following the Keto diet.

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I had fibroscan yesterday and was diagnosed with compensated cirrhosis of the liver, my reading was 12.5 but she said mine is going the wrong way!! Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

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Good afternoon Kensgirl13,

Welcome to this friendly supportive forum.

You say you were discharged from your consultant - was this a hepatologist (liver specialist)?

As your Fibroscan score is elevated I would suggest that you contact them and ask for further appointment with a hepatologist for interpretation and management.

In the meantime, I have copied a link to Non Alcohol Related Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) information as lifestyle changes are key in managing this.


with regards to your mobility and pain issues, this does not sound like a typical liver issue, therefore I recommend you discuss this further with your GP or pain team .

Best wishes,


Hi, admin have asked me to give you my opinion on morphine. I'm end stage liver disease but I take morphine for a spinal injury and I have no problems with it, I actually like the taste. It ďoesnt block my pain, it takes the edge off it and I too take other medication. Hope this is of some help but feel free to contact me.

Best wishes

Julie x

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Kensgirl3 in reply to jules45

Hi Juile thanks for you comments I must say though I hate the taste of the morphine! I take MST for slow release morphine, the ora morph I take extra when I need it. I am on a lot of other meds to I take about 35 different others. I haven’t had a accident with my back it started hurting me a lot sixteen months ago then in January last year I got up and couldn’t walk I was in hospital for seven weeks. I can’t walk many steps without it hurting and the only way that can help with the pain is sitting down. I’ve had 3 MRI scans but they can’t find nothing they have mentioned MS but nothing seems to of come it. My liver had been slightly elevated in my bloods since my gall stone went into a bile duct. That was three and half years ago. When I had the mri scan for my back is when i got told I had a fatty liver.

I am over weight but I’ve lost eleven pound im on the Keto diet. X


I have had morphine for my spinal cord injury. I'm off it now and still have mobility issues.

I have NAFLD and my fibroscan showed up as having cirrhosis. The ultrasound scans show a fatty but smooth liver. I'm on pain killers that are not ideal for the liver, but I need something to cope with the pain and a lot of medication is problematic for me, so I take what I can cope with.

If you have any worries about your medication speak with your pharmacist they are often really hot on medication issues as well as your specialist. I had a quality v quantity life discussion with my gp who has now retired unfortunately. I know I'm taking some risks, but my other choices wouldn't do my liver or heart much good either. A lot of medication is either a problem with liver or kidneys so it is worth checking out. Even some of the supplements can be a problem so again need checking out.

The spinal injury causes bowel and bladder problems. The slightest problem with my bowel can cause serious mobility issues for me. With respect to the back problems get them checked out it could be all sorts of things. It may be a minor issue that can easily be sorted or a major problem. You may need an mri on your back, or simply some basic exercises to help it. Getting it looked at is important.

I have also been told I have a generic condition which makes high cholesterol something I can easily achieve and it is becoming essential that I lose weight and exercise and I must be careful what I eat. It isn't easy as I comfort eat. Exercise is a nightmare as I also have arthritis in my neck. My cholesterol is around 9.5 and I can't take cholesterol medication. I'm due a heart check up next week.

The main thing is to try to look after you and do the best you can to follow guidance from your doctors. Try not to worry as that just makes things worse. But also make sure you are your doctor and specialist and get them to explain what different readings mean and how this relates to everyday life for you.

Take care and good luck


Hi Gill thank you for all your advice

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