Me again 🙈

Hi all I just wanted to wrack your brains regarding my partners alcoholic hep and liver problems. He has been in hospital a few times since my last post ..mainly with abdominal pain and constant vomiting .. he is losing weight as he cannot physically eat and has eaten only a handful of times in the last 4 weeks .. as he continues to drink daily (madness I know) he is a shadow of his former self. He now also complains of thrush like symptoms on his tongue is this somehow related? His lips are all cracked and he complains about his mouth constantly .. the vomiting is on average 4 to 10 times a day . He has still not received a liver follow up apt so I chasing this today ..anyone with similar symptoms?


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  • I forgot to add he has come out around his neck in an angry red inflamed rash which is constantly itching although he doesn't really have generalised itching ... any ideas ?

  • if he is vomiting 4 - 10 daily his tummy juice is eating away his mouth. antacids or milk may help, but see the DR but he has to stop drinking, or get his affairs in order ?

  • There is probably not alot that could be done for him ; i mean, he has to stop drinking, otherwise even a liver follow up will not help. It is basically down to him . x

  • Just read through your past posts; has he had a fibroscan yet? It seems no diagnosis of cirrhosis has been made yet, but he clearly isn't well at all. Maybe if he is told the sharp facts from a specialist he may finally listen. I hope so. The kids must feel terrible having to see all of this too x

  • He had a fibroscan 3 years ago before this drinking was bad ... his reading was 12.7 ... they said that was fine and that was it . But I presume it's much worse now .he has woke up today and his eyes are yellow ..not severe but definitely yellow...

  • A reading of 12.7 isn't fine! Sounds like unbelievable complacency to me. 12.7 is indicative of cirrhosis but had he stopped drinking then those figures could have come down. It's possible they still may but the drinking has to stop period!

  • I thought it was stage 3 at least but liver consultant said it's OK x he's drank excessively since then and had loads of medications too (35 tabs a day including morphine )

  • he may be thinking that he's beyond help and therefore continuing to drink wont make any difference....the point is that if he continues to drink he will be beyond help as others have mentioned. Does he want to live? If he does then the path is clear-he needs help for sure and so do you.

  • Tbh I don't think he really cares ..he can barely tolerate the alcohol ... after I pint he is almost legless.. I presume it's because the liver cannot get rid of the alcohol as easily as before . He has been carted off to a and e this morning as he has become quite jaundiced ..I'll see what the bloods reveal x

  • Sorry to hear this

  • So sorry to hear all this what did they say? Are they keeping him? Are they detoxing him? I hope. He may still have a chance if he gets and stays sober. I lost my dad to this horrible addiction disease and he was sober the last mos of his life and it was heartbreaking bc although it looked like to us over the years that he wanted to die (bc of all the drinking and things he did) but in the end he did NOT want to die. Please give us an update thinking of you.

  • Im really sorry you are going through this. And hope the consultant can shock him into stopping drinking. X

  • Hi all ..thanks for your comments... they've kept him ..his alt is in the 700s and his bilirubin is high .. (hence the jaundice) they said his salts and sodium are messed up ..his rash is so severe now all over his neck like a scaley snake ..peeling and inflamed and spots all over his legs and hands ..both hands are bright blue with bleeding under the skin ..he's on antisickness iv as he is constantly throwing up. They are saying he's OK at mo... but I'm not so sure x

  • Ask as much as you can about his condition. Maybe. Just maybe he will have no choice but to get sober? As he is so ill. guessing he is getting medication for withdrawals? Perhaps sober and after a period in Hospital he may finally stop? I hope so. Xx

  • He has had at least 250 admissions over 7 years ..some for 3 weeks ..and as soon as he's out even though he's been 'detoxed' he's straight bk to it so I'm not optomistic at all 🙁 the thing is he can't handle his drink now anyhow ... he's drinking alot less now than before yet his health is still declining . I would love to get infomation regarding his condition but there is never anyone to talk to .. the Dr's are never available. I will try to talk to someone in the morning though xx

  • Wow, thats crazy! Mmm, im not surprised your not optimistic; booze really does get a grip on people; but faced with life or death realities some people do quit. Yes, try and get answers today; good luck. xx

  • Well I spoke to a Dr ... (she looked about 11 ) she said his platelets are low which is why he has bruising. . And she said he's going to have a ct scan as they think he may have a blockage in his bile duct which is why he's jaundiced .. he doesn't look great atm so will just have to wait and see .. I'm a little more concerned as he said last night he went to the toilet and it was black and green ... he told nurse so they said next time they need a sample . He is also confused and he kept saying I'd already been to visit with the children that day ..when I have not taken them .. I do not take them unless it's serious's no place for kids ..

  • Hi Debbie look my dear I think you know what's going on here's stools ....unless the drinking stops we're in liver failure territory and then it's in the lap of the gods. I'm not a doctor but am speaking from experience. Easy for us to say but the drinking has to stop now. For his kids, for you. for himself...whatever arguments work! All the very best.

  • I hope things get better Debbie, and I hope the fella can give up the booze. It literally is one of the hardest things Ive ever tried. I struggle every day, and fail on some too.

    All the best

  • Hope you're ok Debbie, and your husband is showing some improvement... it's awful to feel like you're just watching their decline. You need to push and push for info and answers and ask to know what treatment he is having. Then at least you know if they are doing everything they can. Take care of yourself and your children xx

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