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Liver function blood test - really worried!

Hi everyone,

I'm new here and I was wondering if anyone could help me out. Sorry about the long post..

I have Endometriosis and recently had an operation (17th Jan) to treat it. Last week I had a phone call from my GP's surgery to come in for a repeat blood test as the blood results which came back from my pre-op assessment showed an issue with my liver function. The nurse told me to wait a week for the results, but the surgery rang me the next day asking me to come in to see the GP as they had my new blood results back and they wanted to discuss them with me. My GP told me my ALP level was 241 and my ALT was 197. It was a similar level prior to my op apparently. She didn't tell me a great deal, but felt my abdomen and liver and there was no pain or enlargement. She told me to stop taking my anti-inflammatory medication (Mefenamic Acid) and has reduced my dosage of Sertraline from 100mg to 50mg. I also take a maximum of 240mg Cocodamol a day ( for Endometriosis pain and have done for a few years and there has never been anything flag up in previous blood tests). I have been taking Sertraline, Mefenamic Acid and Amitriptyline since October/ November 2013 so I'm thinking one of these may be the culprit. I haven't had any adverse symptoms from any of them, so other than my Endometriosis symptoms (pelvic pain, tiredness, urinary pain) I had no idea there was even a problem with my liver. I never take any more than the recommended dosage of any of my meds, I don't drink, I'm slim and I eat healthily. The doctor says she is baffled but she isn't giving much away which is making me even more worried. She has ordered another blood test for a weeks time to look at the results following cutting out the Mefenamic acid and halving the dose of Sertraline. She said she is referring me for an ultrasound as routine rather than urgent... Is there anything for me to worry about? And what could these levels generally indicate? I'm really terrified that unwittingly I've seriously damaged my liver :-( Thank you for taking the time to read this xx

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Hi, i'm afraid I can't give you much of an answer apart from don't worry. Sometimes stress can alter your results a bit (was a shock to me). Your gp is right to monitor you're bloods and order a non-urgent scan if only to put your mind at rest. And don't worry about the speedy recall - lft's results are back the next day and I have had mine back that afternoon.

As I said try not to worry - your body has been going through a lot and when you think how the liver cleans the blood I would be surprised if your results weren't a bit higher than usual. X


Aww thank you for replying Mrsmerlin. It's horrible when you want to know what's going on and you've got all that time to wait so your mind imagines all kinds. I've completely googled myself out now I think! Lol. Thanks again, it's nice to hear from someone who has been through the same and you've helped me stop stressing! xx


don't worry too much. If there was a problem the liver can normally recover quite well once you remove the cause. Your gp is testing if your medication is an issue and if so they'll try you with something else.


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