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high liver enzymes from blood test

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hi. I recently had routine blood tests done and when I went for the results the nurse said my liver enzymes were high at 125. She asked me if I drank alcohol and I told her I have about 2 bottles of beer 4 nights a week. She said high liver enzymes are caused by too much alcohol. I was quite taken aback because I thought my alcohol intake was ok.

live got to have the test repeated in 3 months so should I not drink anything for the next three months or just carry on as normal. Any advice appreciated.

19 Replies
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I wouldn’t carry on as usual your liver is telling you somethings up. Whether it needs a break from drinking or it’s diet related. I’d start there. Diets of high fat sugar white breads are hard on the liver, veggies, fruit, chicken pork are better,

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Patdoyle in reply to mtk0925

yes I think your advice is the right way forward. I’m going to alter my diet and no alcohol whatsoever. Thanks for reply

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May I ask if it's possible, how many years have you been drinking beer in this mode?

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Patdoyle in reply to Fibro2021

probably since lockdown started in 2020

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Fibro2021 in reply to Patdoyle

Thanks for your reply. I hope that liver enzymes will return to normal after completely giving up alcohol.

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Alcohol isn't the only reason a person can have high liver enzymes (t-total folk get liver disease too) but it certainly doesn't help. 2 bottles of beer is 4 units per night x 4 times a week is 16 units so you're drinking slightly more than the advised so called recommended limit and being female even that limit is potentially too high.

Something isn't agreeing with your liver and that may be the alcohol. For the next few months definitely leave the booze out and also check out the main British Liver Trust website for advice on looking after your liver.

If your levels remain elevated without booze and with better diet then more investigation may be needed but in the interim do all you can to look after your liver.


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Katie is absolutely correct. Why not take 90 days off and see how it goes. Get tested right before Christmas, so if they tests come back good (and they quite probably will) you will be able to have a drink or two over the holidays and not sweat about it.

It is true non drinking causes these numbers to rise as well, but for most people all that is needed is two or three months "off" and you will be good to go. Taking three months off each year is a good idea for one and all in any event.

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Patdoyle in reply to kensimmons

yes Ken that’s my plan. It will be hard because meeting my family for a drink was one of life’s pleasures but I think I will have to stay away because they are big drinkers.

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Roy1955 in reply to kensimmons

Not sure if that's good advice.

You can't expect to do the same thing and get a different result.

If moderate alcohol consumption has pushed up the liver results it will do it again but get progressively faster as more damage is done.

Numbers coming down if you quit is more an indication that drinking is causing damage than an indication that it's OK to resume the very thing that caused the problem.

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Routine blood tests were the only indication that I was on my way to having cirrhosis, I ignored all the early warnings the tests gave me and 10 years later "bingo", I got the booby prize😪

Nobody gets sick from NOT having a few beers!

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Patdoyle in reply to Roy1955

you are right. I’m just going to have to keep away from alcohol.

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You may have Alpha 1 anti trypsin deficiency,you should ask for a blood test,also the most important readings in blood tests are billirubin figures and albumin.

I wouldnt worry about your figures but get a more detailed answer from your Doctor or get the correct blood test.Tim

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How big are the bottles.? 250 ml, 320ml, 440, 500, 600? And what %abv is the beer.?

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Patdoyle in reply to normanbyrott

320 ml bottles 4.6 abv

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normanbyrott in reply to Patdoyle

That is 1.5 units per bottle, 3 units per day that you have a drink, not very much at all. My sympathies to you, you are very unfortunate to have this problem.

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I dont really see the point in comparing how much one another drinks etc. My husband has cirrhosis and although enjoyed a drink, wasnt excessive. Drs told him that unfortuantely some people are just more prone to scarring and inflammation than others. There are many other factors in each of our lives which do or do not contribute - depending on our individual make up. So if your body is giving you early warning signs, take the warnings as a blessing and make some changes.

Atb and well done for listening to your Dr.


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Patdoyle in reply to Ewife

yes I agree with you. I have only been a moderate drinker all my life but I am small build so my body obviously can’t handle alcohol well. I have stopped drinking and am trying to eat more healthy which is not easy.

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Ewife in reply to Patdoyle

I agree, any change in lifestyle is a big deal -hats off to you for trying. You dont need to spend long looking through this forum to realise whats at stake, and that will help you stay strong in your resolve. Lots of folk on here to keep you company and support you, as you will have already proved.


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Patdoyle in reply to Ewife

thanks for replying. It’s very hard changing your diet. Much harder I think than not drinking alcohol. I struggle to keep weight on as all my life I’ve never been a big eater but I do like cakes and biscuits so am substituting them with fruit. Watching tv last night I was grazing on the fruit but ended up going to bed early with my book because I couldn’t face any more strawberries or blueberries!

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