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All blood test normal

I was sent to a hemotogist because all of my complete blood counts were low, I had every blood test for my liver, whole body tests that turned out good. When I had my nuclear PET scan all my hemotogist said there were abnormalities. But all of my liver function blood tests were good? I have looked up symptoms and I have almost all of them, what Pet scan abnormalities could be bad? Thank you in advance for any advice.

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You say you have most of the symptoms you have looked up. What was the condition you were researching


Are you in the UK as here its normally listed as a Full Blood Count, FBC not CBC. If you have been given access to the results the FBC normally covers Haemoglobin, Haematocrit, Red blood cell (RBC) count, White blood cell (WBC) count, White blood cell differential count, Platelet count etc, so when you say your CBC LOW do you mean all of these different elements? I imagine you were sent to a haematologist due to blood abnormalities not liver. Its unusual to go straight to a nuclear PET scan without a definite reason, do you know what that reason was?


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