Hi just wondering if anyone else has had abnormal lft's then a normal liver scan?

I have had liver enzymes which have been fluctuating for at least 2 years but had a scan yesterday and the sonographer said all looked fine. I'm happy about this but for the last 5 weeks have been really poorly. I constantly feel drained of energy some dizziness and my limbs feel very weak :( I am glad my liver looks fine just would like answers to my illness

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  • Yes, I have the same thing - biliary ducts, gallbladder and liver all fine but LFTs fluctuating. But I also have lupus and it now seems that an increase in lupus activity brings about an increase in LFTs, so to me that says that lupus is affecting my liver somehow, although neither my rheumatologist nor my hepatologist understand why.

    I'm not saying that you may have lupus, just that there may be something else happening in your body that could cause incipient liver inflammation - your consultants will have to find out what. Good luck.

  • It's so frustrating I have 3 children and struggle to meet there daily needs I.e the school run, homework etc. I am so glad my liver was fine but need to get to the bottom of all this. Have to wait now till the doctor gets my results then go in and discuss things further. I feel like I'm annoying them though as my symptoms are so general and thyroids and anaemia have been ruled out.

  • I understand so well - it took me 2 years of tests, including liver biopsy and fibroscan, and I finally got to the bottom of it. Do insist to check for autoimmune issues - when I asked my hepatologist about it (before the lupus diagnosis) he said that I don't fit the profile (whatever that was) and that there was no need to check for auto antibodies (ANA test). He checked for primary biliary cirrhosis and autoimmune hepatitis but not for any other autoimmune diseases.

    What symptoms do you have - abdo pain in the right side for example?

  • My symptoms are mainly extreme tiredness the smallest tasks tire me out, occasional dizziness and weakness in my arms and legs it's hard to explain but I'm constantly aware of my limbs if that makes sense even when I'm am resting. Also when walking it feels like my legs could just give way but I have no pain. Also I had tests done for auto immunity the other week but haven't heard anything back so I'm guessing that was fine plus I had an esr test which also come back normal. I feel like a fraud I know how sick and drained I feel but there at the minute seems to be no obvious cause

  • The symptoms are similar to autoimmune diseases, not that I wish you to have any! Esr is not the only indicator, sometimes blood tests are fine and symptoms are not, that doesn't mean that autoimmune diseases are not present. Ask your GP to send you to a rheumatologist - as I said before, it took me 2 years to get a lupus diagnosis and it all started with a positive ANA test (autoantibodies) and high LFTs. Do not let the doctors make you feel like you are imagining this - they are not going through what you are going. My GP tried to convince me I suffer from anxiety (read hypochondria but he didn't really want to say that to my face) - in the end he only sent me to the rheumatologist to get rid of me pestering him. And the rheumatologist took one look at me and at the list of symptoms, did few more blood tests and I've got the diagnosis and more importantly the right medication!

    Good luck!

  • Thanks very much for all your help :) I am so glad that someone understands how I'm feeling. It's horrible as I look fine on the outside. I will let you know if I ever get a conclusion :)

  • Push, push, push! You might want to check the lupus uk forum on healthunlocked, you will see what I mean about your symptoms being similar. All the best and don't give up!

  • Can I thank you both so much for your posts. I had a liver transplant in February this year & though I'm better in that sense I continue to be extremely tired. Just cooking the family meal takes everything out of me. My legs and arms are also very weak (not painfully) but the weakness feeling is constantly there. If I've overdone things which could just mean doing a bit of housework, cooking & shopping I feel so ill afterwards & this effects me for days. All my tests at the liver hospital show I'm doing brilliant, I'm told I look very well, but I don't have any energy. I eat healthy & try gentle exercise in the gym when I've been able to rest days beforehand. My liver specialist wrote to my GP suggesting I be referred to a rheumatologist but when I went to see her she told me she didn't feel that it was nesscessary. And until now I had started to feel I was going mad. I may not have what either of you have but I now feel I should pursue these symptoms further. I want to be able to go back to work & get my life back but the way I feel at the moment that just seems impossible. Thank you both so much I will not be palmed of by my GP no more.

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