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Has anyone here had a Kidney infection? Plus is Ciprofloxacin safe for the liver?

Hello to anyone reading. I've been very worried for my health in the last six months. It all started with pain and inflammation around my liver 6 months ago along with dark urine and pale stools. I've had one ultrasound scan in the past 6 months which only showed fat on my liver.

Since then I have had pains in different areas of my abdomen but mainly around my liver.

I have now developed a kidney infection without any signs of cystitis of bladder infection first which is quite suspicious to me!

It started with pain in right mid abdomen that had spread to my back and pelvis. Went to urgent care they tested my urine which showed no signs of infection nor was there any sign of appendicitis.

Two days later the pain had gotten worse. I went to the urgent care as this happened at night. Tested my urine, no infection.

The next day the pain was still there but I noticed I was going frequently to the toilet and my urine was a bit cloudy. I went to urgent care as this again happened at night they tested my urine and it came back positive for uti. I was given Trimpethoprim for 3 days. I went to a different hospital in which they gave me a blood test to cancel out appendicitis!

I took the antibiotics to which the pain got better and also less frequency. I had finished the course for about a week but today I experienced pain again in my abdomen along with frequency and cloudy urine. I went to urgent care, they tested me but this time gave me ciprofloxacin. I got home and had a bit of vaginal bleeding (sorry for this tmi) which I am quite worried about but have not taken Ciprofloxacin as I am scared of the side effects and just took one trimethoprim.

Sorry for the essay lol but I would just like to know anyones experience with Kidney infections and/or this ciprofloxacin drug?

My question to anyone is, is it normal to have pain in kidneys and then 3 days later show infection, is it normal to have a straight kidney infection with no cystitis? Is ciprofloxacin safe for the liver? I am more worried about this as the side effects of this antibiotic are a bit severe! Is vaginal bleeding normal with a UTI? Can a Kidney infection arise from pressure from liver inflammation?

I'm sorry for this long post but I am quite suspicious of this all but would love any type of advice or stories. Thank you!

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You are correct that a symptomatic bladder infection typically precedes kidney infection, but the back pain with cloudy urine and positive test for infection sound like a proper diagnostic.

I would hope one of the medical facilities performed a "culture and sensitivity" to be certain your infection is susceptible (and not resistant) to Cipro before this was prescribed. Now that you've been on trimethoprim, a culture might not grow or show infection (or sensitivity) until you are off it for a week or more, which would allow the infection to become re-established.

Cipro isn't particularly toxic to the liver, & millions around the world take it every year. There are serious side effects reported in a small percentage of patients. These mostly deal with persistent joint pain and tendon damage, though neuropathy has also occurred. Liver problems with Cipro would be very unusual.

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of effective alternatives for kidney infections other than IV antibiotics typically administered in a hospital setting.

I wouldn't be afraid to take Cipro for a recurring/documented kidney infection, though I would prefer a culture and sensitivity was done before I started on this to be certain my infection was not resistant to Cipro. Any joint pain or neuropathy should be reported to your prescribing doctor immediately.

Hope this gets you back in the pink in short order.

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Hello, no a culture was not done. They just did a urinalysis which showed infection so I'm not so sure of much. I took some trimethoprim as my body has not reacted to that horribly. I was given it for three days but I think they originally thought it was cystitis not a kidney infection so another doctor gave it to me but wasn't sure if I needed it so i only used it once a day instead if twice but would it be ok if use it until monday?

Thank you so much for your advice i wish i could see my gp to investigate this further but i can't until monday.

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Hi don’t you have a liver consultant? And aren’t they involved? I’m just getting over an infection I had no idea I had. My doctor caught it at liver clinic. She also happens to be the kidney specialist on the transplant team. But anytime I get anything I go to them first for advice. Then they contact my GP if it’s something they do not deal with.

Also if you told them you have liver problems they would calculate that in choosing an antibiotic and dosage amount. I currently take antibiotics twice a day and then a super one every other day to clean out any thing left over. That’s for my hepatic enchalopothy and have been on those two for over a year.

Good luck!

Cheering you on!



Hi thank you so much for this. I haven't gotten a diagnosis as they have only given me an LFT test and ultrasound scan in 6 months.

I am in pain every single day and I just feel like no one is trying to get to the root of the problem they are just working around it. My doctor referred me to a gastroenterologist I waited for this appointment for 3 months and only got an LFT test which I have had before, a referral to a gyno and dietician which I am very happy for but there have been no further scans sadly and I feel like my situation is getting worse I have new pains every single day and have lost alot of weight.

It's good you are being monitored.

I will look into asking my GP for a liver consultant but fear it will take months to finally having one lol.

Thank you so much for your kind words. Good luck to you too!


Before my transplant I had recurrent episodes of hepatic encephalopathy (HE). The prescribed medication was an antibiotic (Rifaxamin) that only worked in the gut and didn't enter the bloodstream.

However, if the HE still occurred, to prevent being hospitalised I had a prescribed standby 'rescue pack'. This was Ciprofloxacin and it worked very well.

From this I think you can assume that Ciprofloxacin was considered to be safe in liver disease.


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Exactly! My newest iNfection is liver related and possibly some rejection is occurring. I take rifaxin twice daily, co-Trimoxazole ever other day and just finished a 10 day stint of ciprofloxacin (sorry had forgotten the name when I read original post)

Anyway. Ever since last summer I have had HE in one form or another close to daily. I’m either so tired complete memory loss or just not able to communicate and remember things. Now I’m struggling walking up and down our stairs. If I do go out I some times close my eyes and have to depend on my partner to guide me. It just depends. And stress, stress is really a problem. Sighs. If anyone has had this long term HE I could sure use some support. Sorry I always complain now. I’ve been on the waiting list again for over 300 days and I really don’t know how much more I can take. I can tell my team at Addenbrookes is worried, especially with this new infection, but they say I have get a really good liver this time. At least I don’t need a kidney also. It was going to be a double transplant but my kidneys got better, so thank goodness for that!

Please send positive energy my way, friends! I’m tired of feeling sorry for myself, especially aswhen I know others are doing far worse...

Love to all!



Sending you endless positivity and strength from NZ. Complain all you need, on this forum we get it! No need to protect those close to you, just let it all out! x


Yes to both. Trimethoprim is a generic antibiotic. A culture (o&s) would have to been sent off to identify which antibiotics would be suitable to eradicate the infection - thus you were give Ciprofloxacin. I have been prescribed Ciprofloxacin and yes it is so difficult to tolerate - but my Liver consultant approve it. With regard to dark (original lucozade) colour I have that st present. I have been told that my kidneys are not functioning well. I’ve had bloods sent off for this so I await outcome on Monday.


As long as the prescribing doctor took any liver disease into account when prescribing, the medication seems ok.

This link is very useful when unsure about what you have been prescribed.



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Thank you. I'm thinking of taking that now. I have been taking Trimethoprim but I'm not sure if it is strong enough now! Thank you. I can't wait to see my GP.


Thank you for this. A urine culture was not sent off for mine he just gave me a urinalysis. But I'll go to my GP if it is e-coli bacteria causing it then i'll get some D-mannose.

Hopefully your blood test comes back with good results.

I can't wait to see my GP tomorrow. I have started to develop a feeling of dread on the weekends as it is either home or A&E.

Thank you for your reply!

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I know it is overwhelming at times. You will get there keep us posted xxxx


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