Problems after endoscopy

Hi everyone. Just had my third lot of banding and am having some unusual symptoms; stomach cramps, diahorrea, etc but with very little "production". My stomach is swollen and a little tender. I contacted the endoscopy dept but they don't seem bothered just say to contact my GP. Anyone else had these episodes. I did had more varices banded this time

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  • Hi PH1 I would go and find out ASP as that sounds wrong to me, I have had 10 bandings & had 6 done at once, Felt fine, have you got a good doctor if not pop into A & E. Good luck let us know x

  • Your very welcome, when you are this poorly, you always think the worse xx

  • Thanks Ruby. I'm up to 14 from three sessions now (5 then 3 then 6) and I've felt awful after all of them but this is the first time I've had diahorrea. I saw the GP and he said the positioning of the bands probasbly irritated part of the stomach which disrupted the normal peristaltic rythmn. Had some immodium last night and do feel better this morning. Thanks again

  • Hi Ph1dad. Your query was seen by me just now - the morning after my second endoscopy. I had banding (x3) at the first one but nothing except a check needed yesterday. I did get some stomach / chest symptoms after the bandings, which lasted a couple of days. Felt fine yesterday immediatley after the check endoscopy, but felt very sick and feverish during last night at about 4am when no one was contactable!!. Fortunately feel much better this morning. I do not know about you, but my endoscopy was done at the hospital where I attend the liver unit and is 2+ hours drive away - and anyway it is closed during the night so could not phone them for advice. If my symptoms had not resolved this morning I was planning to see my GP or go to the local A+E. The problem there would be that I would not get an appointment with my own GP at short notice - I would have to see one of the otheres who I have never met - and the local A+E do not know anything about my liver cirrhosis anyway - and are just a district general hospital. I would phone your endoscopy dept again today and ask advice as there can be rare complications - but if they are not helpful, do as Ruby52 suggested and see your GP and / or the A+E - whichever you have miost faith in. Far better to 'pester' the professionals and do what is best for you. Good luck !!

  • Sorry for not getting back to anyone, been in hospital lol. It seems that when they banded the last lot, the swelling on the neck of the stomach didn't allow the air to bleed back into my oesophagus but went to my intestines, inflating diverticular sacs and preventing the intestines from working hence the diahorrea and, later the severe abdominal pain which resulted in a quick trip to A&E. G.P was giving immodium and antireflux and saying come back in four days if it's no better. Anyway, thanks everyone for help and advice I think this episode is sorted :-)

  • I am relieved that all is OK now - but you have been 'through the mill' a bit.

  • Lol yh. All sorts of horrible thoughts went tho my head but I'll know to to inform the gastro team when I go for the next lot next month. Thanks again


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