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Endoscopy after transplant

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Hi all.happy Easter to you. I got a letter yesterday asking to go in to my local hospital for an endoscopy.were I was a pre transplant patient on a banding program.had my transplant in Birmingham so was wondering would the appointment with endoscopy be precautionary or as I thought I don’t need them now.or that they haven’t been informed by the QE that I’ve had one.tried calling but my consultant is off and it’s a bank holiday.has anyone had to go for an endoscope post transplant?thanks paul.

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I got an appointment after my transplant, I rang up and they cancelled it when I informed them I'd had my transplant. Hopefully never again...lol

Good luck Popel

I asked my transplant consultant and they said unnecessary after transplant as varicies are caused by build up of pressure due to sick liver, new liver no pressure, unless they think there may be a problem.

Transplant may 2017


Now nearly 2 years post transplant I have not had an endoscopy since before my transplant. Sorry I can’t help


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I’m guessing it won’t be necessary then going by the replies and you have all helped.thanks .paul

Hiya I have had 2 post transplant the last one was a fortnight ago, they done it on me because I have some scarring from all the banding procedures and they want to keep an eye on it... I know they are awful but they will have a reason for wanting to do 😊

The scarring actually showed up on a ct scan first and to be honest the endoscopy wasn't anywhere as bad as as pre transplant

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I was hoping that the QE never informed my local hospital.perhaps they have and as you pointed out it might be precautionary.seeing as it’s a bank holiday I won’t find out till after Monday.does the stuff they use to numb your throat taste any better elsewhere I wonder.like strawberry or maybe chocolate lol.cause for me that’s the worst part.thanks for the reply.hope you’re feeling better than you were on your last post.paul

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Haha no such luck on the spray maybe we should start a petition 😂😂

And I am a lot better thanks on my 3rd lot of antibiotics 😮

And I hope they get it out of the way quickly for you x

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Hey Popel

Just have the sedative for me it was like magic and even straight afterwards I didn’t remember anything... or was that the HE. 😁.

No endos post TP so far- 8 months nearly! Yippee!

Good luck!


Hi Paul. I certainly haven't had an endoscopy after transplant and I don't think that this is a general procedure. It's probably as you suspect a lack of communication between hospitals. This appointment was probably something that was put in place before your transplant. I would ring your local hospital and inform them of your transplant on Tuesday. Have a chilled out, recuperating Easter. Alf

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Thank you Alf.hope you also enjoy the Easter holiday.

My hubby hasn't had one either & we are just about to reach his first year post transplant. He did however receive an appointment for an endoscopy the week after his transplant but it was a case of information being slow to get through the the other hospital.. He had his transplant at the Royal Free but was referred from Newham General to the Royal London, then to the Royal Free.

Just ring them on Tuesday to confirm

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Hi Adelou. That’s what I’m thinking,that they haven’t caught up yet and haven’t been informed. There’s no need i suppose.ive had a dbd liver and partial portal vein which was blocked removed that was causing the hypertension and bleeds.ill ring up after the holidays to find out.id love to see the consultant though and thank her for referring me in June last year,she’s an fantastic doctor who initially thought I might be deemed to healthy to have one but referred me anyway so perhaps if dont need

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