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hello you decent folk. we'll I'm off to hospital in a while for another endoscopy,oh the joys!!!. they want to look at my stomach again to see if its healing after a bad bleed,at the beginning of August,due to portal hypertensive gastropathy. getting worked up as usualπŸ˜”. hopefully things have started healing up. fingers x. take care all.chris

16 Replies

Best of luck Chris , I always get a worked get up before endoscopies so I know how you feel . I’m sure they will look after you well and hope everything is positive for you after x

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We hope your gastroscopy goes well Chris.

Best wishes.

I hope all went well, it's not a pleasant experience but necessary, I asked about the capsule that can be swallowed they said it wouldn't work for what they need to do re banding or biopsy,, I had the sedation I'm a coward I know, Take care x πŸ‘

thanks lillibell,trust1,and tia.....its good to have a bit of support at times. thank you well it went ok......well as good as can be expected 😲. glad its over. I didn't have sedation as I had to drive home. I didn't gag once......i just closed my eyes,concentrated on breathing steady through the nose....and was done.....nurses were lovely,makes such a difference. so I shall be speaking to my consultant in bout a fortnight,,regarding the results and findings. hopefully things OK. take care folk .chris

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Tia2021 in reply to redpoint72

Wow that is brave I couldn't do it without sedation having said that they were banding as well, so glad it's all over for you, hopefully good news when the Consultant see's it, Take care xx

Good luck redpoint it is a pain going through all this but they must keep an eye on everything I hope it all goes well with good news πŸ‘.Stay Safe All

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redpoint72 in reply to Dogbot

cheers for that dogbot...thank you. yes I know fella that they have to keep an eye on things......i suppose because of the sudden big bleed I had at beginning of August......came out of no where. I'd never heard of portal hypertensive gastropathy....until it happened!!. First time I needed a blood transfusion....that sounded scary in itself.. have to see what my consultant says in a fortnight. really wish I was dealing with a hematologist, but beggers can't b choosers I suppose. but she is very good as a gastroentorologist....cant fault her. take care fella. chris

sorry folk meant to say hepatologist......dam predictive txt!!!

I suppose I'm interested,if any one else has experience of portal hypertensive gastropothy?? thanks in advance .chris

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AyrshireK in reply to redpoint72

My hubby has a diagnosis of PHG too though his hasn't ever bled, he's had varices too and his massive bleed was from 7 burst varices. Subsequently he's had 48 varices banded and is on omeprazole to protect his stomach and oesophagus.


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redpoint72 in reply to AyrshireK

cheers for replying Katie. u r quite a wise women. thank you. it really took me by surprise this massive bleed,. I thought it can't be varices, as I've not drunk liquor since I was last in North staffs,which will b 3 years in Jan 22. when I had a big bleed ,yes burst varices.....they banded several of them. I had been on omeprazole......but consultant said they weren't doing there job ....so since my last admission to North staffs,I've been put on lansoprazole . also put on adcal-d3. thank you for taking the time,as I don't really have any where else to turn. thanks Katie...chris

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AyrshireK in reply to redpoint72

My hubby is life long t-total so drink wasn't in the equation with his, portal hypertension is a side effect from cirrhosis.

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redpoint72 in reply to AyrshireK

oh no Katie,I realise ur hubby was t total..... but some of us liked a drink.... I wish I'd never seen the stuff.. also realise of portal hypertension...... I'm on carvidilol....to keep that in check. but nearly 3 years is good going Katie, and I'm proud of myself......done it all on my own.. I don't expect sympathy, but just sometimes a pat on the back,and a well done can work wonders

Hi Chris,

Sorry to hear about your recent stomach bleed. I've had more gastrocopies over the years than hot dinners. Very unpleasant. It's good for them to keep a check on you though so hopefully all will be OK. I've had a LOT of oesophagal varices banded and take Omeprazole for ongoing gastritis. Take comfort in the fact that you in safe hands. Wishing you all the best.


thank you 4 replying.......folk don't have to...so I thank you 4 that.. I've looked at the full report,from the hospital....I'm abit disappointed .....more varices....but not big enough to band.... same as u ....gastritis.. so know on lansoprazole . r u in the UK ? I wish folk would just try and understand best wishes chris.

Hi Chris,

Yes, I'm in the UK.

Glad no varies for banding were found ~ same boat as me.

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