Endoscopy showed new problems

When I had my annual endoscopy a few months ago they found that i had "Portal hypertensive gastropathy".I've been looking on line but could find nothing about it. Then today I found an article about it but I'm not much clearer. I wonder if any of you have this? It seems to say that it develops in people who have portal hypertension which I didn't think I had

Any info or experience would help me until I see my Hep in about 6 weeks.

I hope you are all as well as can be expected. Thank you all.


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  • My understanding is it's a change to the mucous lining of the stomach and can involve the veins. I was diagnosed with it via endoscope 6 years ago. No treatment. I have cirrhosis but don't have portal hypertension. I had another endoscopy (routine) last month and no longer have portal hypertensive gastropathy.

  • Thanks Bolly, that's very reassuring. They said my stomach was like snakeskin. I had a huge bleed while under the sedation and later that night I vomitted and had"Diarrhoea" for about 2 hours and they were both full of blood but I've had none since.


  • did you have varices in your esophagus? when i talk about them i say it's like varicose veins in your esophagus....

  • Yes we were told that for peters waiting to have them banded so less chance of bleeding

  • That doesnt sound good. If the bleed was from within your stomach. Mine must have been very mild to have resolved itself. Are the docs putting you on any blood pressure medication or proton pump inhibiters for the stomach?

  • Just try looking up gastropathy..ive been told i have it along with ulcers ...now healed.

    And p.hypertension.cazer.

  • Thank you Bolly, jamamakitty and cazer for your replies. I was told that the bleeding could have been caused by the endoscopist who made a mess of the back of my throat when I struggled when she was trying to get the tube down! I had a second one soon after--different endoscopist-- as they had been unable to see much the first time . This report didn't mention varices only the Portal hypertensive gastropathy. I trust it's not too bad! I'll discuss it with my Hep in August.

    Thanks again for replying


  • Yikes, dont let that doctor near you with an endoscopy tube again!

  • what on earth is that

  • Thanks for the advice Bolly!

    Kimh---I'm not sure what you are asking about-----is it the "endoscopy tube," or the process, or something else? If you could say a bit more I will try to answer.


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