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blood tests resuluts tomorrow but have , after 40 years drinking have self-diagnosed early to mid range symptoms of cirhossis, any advice would be well appreciated thanks to future friends.

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Hi and welcome to this community.

This is a similar situation to that I found myself in last November, My regular blood tests had never revealed anything, it was the ultrasound I had that showed the Fatty Liver, I would suggest that, unless the blood tests reveal something, I would ask if you can get booked in for a scan. I would also talk to your doc about kicking the drink (you may already have done so, just beware of the side effects), I was fortunate that I was able to stop very quickly which surprised me since I had been heavy drinking for 30 years, I now stick to a few units at the weekend the rest is dry (I really like Becks Blue now, unheard of years ago). The situation may not be as grim as you are thinking, good luck and keep posting.



Hi, I would be very wary of self diagnosis If I were you! I've been down this path and been wrong both times. Take stock when you get the blood results and get a copy as others here will recommend. There'ell be no shortage of good advice if the news is unwelcome. It may well be that your liver's in a mess currently but it might be fixable however long you've been drinking as kleam and I can testify.

I would also echo kleams point about cold turkey withdarwal-I did that and had 6 weeks of nasyt PAWS which has now cleared up-take advice on gradually lessening alcohol intake

Hi RubyTuesday.. cant offer advice Im afraid but I will tell you a bit about my issues which may or may not be similar you yours, you can read full details on my previous posts but to cut a long sory short I have been having symptoms of Pins and Needles in Hands and Feet, Sharp stabing pain under the right hand rib area, some tummy troubles, two red patches on each palm, itchy skin, etc etc, I have had lots of liver function tests, an Ultrasound (this was december 2011) and more recenetly a Fibroscan, which was carried out during the Liver Trust Road show in February the results being 6.7 stiffness, All tests have come back normal.

I have on numerous occaions had a couple of months "off the wine" and my symptoms do ease although I do still get the sypmtoms.

I was referred to a Hepatologist which turned out to be a consultant Gastroenterologist who said in his letter "clinical examination was unremarkable there was no jaundice, pallor or lymphadenopathy, no mass in the abdomen.. although he didnt touch my abdomen..and has followed on to say he has reassured me that there is no evidence of liver dameage on bloods ultrasound or Fibroscan and advised to cut down my Alcohol intake. I have just recently had another 6 weeks of not drinking but literally the next day after having wine ALL my sypmtoms were back the wrost they have ever been, REALLY itchy mainly on my face and a feeling of itchiness in my ears, scalp even my eyes!? and really sharp pain under my ribs, the worst it EVER been although now 3 days after not drinking the sharpness pain has pretty much gone. The expert said he was not aware of "Sharp" pain in the liver area being related to liver diease and has come to the conclusion its stress, anxiety and possibily irretable bowel....

I hope you get a good conclusion. Good luck.

hi sunflower-your symptoms are almost identical to mine a month or so back-only difference was I had raised ggt levels which appear to be going down as the itching is lessening and the other symptoms too (paleish stools) most of my symptoms started after I stopped drinking because I was stupid enough to go cold turkey. Anyway after at least 3 months abstinence appear to be on the mend. I,ve had a couple of glasses of wine with water and food and no major ill effects although still not back to normal. As a wine drinker you may need to do this to avoid nasty symptoms. try drinking with water to see if the effects lessen...it may take months or even years to clear up. I still get occasional liver discomfort not sharp pain even when I'm not drinking which I suspect is mild fatty liver despite clear ultrasound

Hi Briccolone/Bigplanet Thanks for your response, I will put my post in aother thread so as not to hyjack this one...


you a in good company here. lots of good first hand advice. I too have ALD with the normal symptoms, although they have subsided past week. with some specifics it is hard to give firm advice. generally I would recommend to see the doctor as if it is Cirrhosis then medical intervention is needed urgently. it might be fatty livery have.

so what did the bloods say ruby?

Blood results good apart from enlarged red bloods but still scared the hell out of me, am now on a detox programme followed by ongoing disulfiram/antibuse therapy, I really do wish that the solution was that simple! Thank you for replying, will try to keep in touch, keep well and hopefully in good health


I have a friend that uses Antabuse, please be very careful on this drug, as any type of alcohol will cause serious effects. It needs to be taken carefully and under strict Dr supervisor. Do you take any offer drugs as combinations can also cause an issue.

Good luck.

What are mid range signs?

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