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I need to know this even though it upsetting


Please i need to know this. I have liver cirrhosis and I've been to 6 doctors, they all said that I will never be a candidate for a transplant. Last doctor said my kidneys wouldn't hold up. I now have kidney disease. I have protein in my blood and im peeing and pooping blood. And have loose yellow stool for 5 months now. I have liver pain. I lost 60 pounds. I am moody and my eye site is going(so if anything is miss typed). I have swelling in my legs with cramps. I force myself to eat. I'm sure I forgot something and sorry for writing so much. My question is how long can u live? I'm getting worse and no one will be blunt with me. I'm 39 and feel 80 years-old. I really need to know the average life span once symptoms get to mine. Thankyou for the support. I feel so lonely

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So sorry 2 hear all this.

Do you not have family to share this with.

Do u know what caused this.

Woah18 in reply to freddie76

I unfortunately can't discuss this because they get sad. I have to be there rock ,when I just want to cry. I was an addict to pain pills, I was 6 when my first surgery. Ive been clean a year on the 10th, but the damage is done. I know its my fault but I still am a mom and I regret that I didn't have the strength earlier. I am so weak and skinny ,but am trying to keep going i make myself get up every day even if I barely have strength. That is why I asked this sad question. Thankyou and love for your post

Hi, I have cirrhosis too. I am curious if you are under a doctor's care or if you are drinking at all? The blood in your poop is an indication that you may be bleeding internally. It will be better if you can talk to someone medically qualified about what your prognosis is, there are stages that are meant to help quantify the symptoms so that at least you will know what to expect. Believe it or not, much of the time you have some control of how bad it gets depending on the lifestyle you choose.

Woah18 in reply to Bootandall

Thanks for your support! I'm not a drinker,but I've been clean now a year on may 10th. I was diagnosed 6 years ago,but the last 6 months the symptoms are worse. Even though I'm clean ,the doctors in my area still judge me as being an addict. In the last 6 months I've noticed that my blood is thin and if i get a cut it won't stop. And in my stool and urine. I'm so weak anymore, but im fighting for my two boys. I know it my fault for my addiction. I had my first surgery at 6 and over 30 surgeries. I have heart palpitations since the last surgery and they said i had heart issues. Since I've been clean i was praying it would have got better but the opposite. I am so angry at myself that I was a 33 year addict. I can't take it back. I just don't know what to do bc of the judgements here. I understand my consequences and pray for more time. Thankyou again and much love for your post.

Hi there Woah, well dear me, I must say I agree with Bootandall, I have just well, 3 wks ago experienced almost the same thing, a bleed from the back passage, unfortunately, it was a gastric Bleed which is never good, thank goodness my palliative CSN was with me in a trice and saved the day, so please listen to the advice these people are offering, All my best wishes to you and dont give up find out what is wrong and let your medical team put things right. Kind regards


Woah18 in reply to Paderico

thanks,so wonderful u are doing better. Unfortunately in my area and be a recovering addict ,doctors around me a judgemental. So I don't have that option. Prayer are with you! Thank you and love for your post

Are you under a transplant unit Woah? It is not unheard of for people to get multiple organ transplant - liver & kidneys.

You need to get your bleeding issue sorted a.s.a.p. this is a medical emergency.


Woah18 in reply to AyrshireK

Since i was an addict they said i will never be able too unfortunately. I know i don't deserve it,but im a loving mother of two amazing boys. So unfortunately my area isn't educated on addiction. I went cold turkey of pain pills after 33year,ill be clean a year on may10. I had my first surgery at 6. I understand i was the one who couldn't stop. I am angry at myself for this. So unfortunately I can't get a transplant. Thank you and love for your post

AyrshireK in reply to Woah18

That's such a shame, are you in the UK? Recovered addicts who are 'clean' are not debarred from transplant here.


Woah18 in reply to AyrshireK

unfortunately I'm not. I wish I was. Bc im judge so much here. Thankyou

Oldham65 in reply to Woah18


I'm so sorry for you and wish you were over here. Please get get the bleeding sorted. Pm me if you need to. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx 😘

Splodge60 in reply to Woah18

I’ve read with sadness the whole of your post. I too have been told I will never be eligible for transplant. It is hard to hear but you probably still have some choices which you can decide upon:-

1). Go down the path of positivity ‘in your mind and actions’!!!!! This involves putting every thought, every action and all the time you can, in order to leave your 2 dear children, your own personal legacy for them. Write or record for them what you have learned (positively) about your journey thus far. Don’t dwell on your regrets but do mention them so that they can learn something from you, to avoid making the same mistakes. They will make their own regrets, but we all do that. Ensure, beyond anything else that the strongest memory you leave them is the feeling and knowledge that your LOVE for them is second to nothing else.

2). Go down the path of negativity, which you can’t afford to do and, I don’t need to explain the options you will then be left with.

Hope this is helpful.


thanks for all your support! Extra love 💘

hi sorry to hear what you are going through, i know it's depressing and it's hard to open up to your family because they will get sad but don't keep it to yourself it's hard when you have no one to talk to. you said your pooping blood there could be a lot of reasons why do you have hemorrhoids??? a colonoscopy could tell the reason.

could you tell me what is the color of the blood?

anyway be brave no one can tell how long are we all gonna live. have faith that everythings gonna be alright!!!!

you're in my prayers

Woah18 in reply to nieldy

Light light almost white poop with old blood. Sorry for describing, i was checked after they reconstruction of my colon and all was good. It was a year ago So its way stressful because I barely made it through it,6 days in hospital. Recovery after surgery was supposed to only 2 hours and i was in it 7. My heart was having issues. So I know im just getting weak and trying to keep my heart and mind with my boys

Hello Woah18

Firstly I've just read your message and everyones caring replies!

I'd like to say that most of us on this forum have addictions of one kind an another whether it be drugs, alcohol, smoking, food, cars, planes trains or whatever its still an additicition whatever way you look at it so please don't knock yourself or feel alone on this one!

I've noted above that your not eligable for a transplant proceedure which is very sad news to read as I can feel your concerns about your two young boys and your family! I have a son and daughter similar in age to yourself and a granddaughter aged 6! I'm now going to be blunt here, if I was your mother, close family member or best friend I would definitely want you to confide in me as painful as it might be as we all need someone to be that strong persons shoulder we can cry on!

Please take on board this following comment that ' No One' on this planet should feel alone at times like this no matter what there addicition is or has been, so note were here to support you and be by your side through this. PM me if you want a tendy caring mum as I'd like to think my son and daughter had someone who cares if I was no longer around or unapproachable for the fear of being upset.

Love Marietta x

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