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(Not) parkrun 🌞πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅

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Its 16 degrees where I am in Scotland today but felt so much warmer when running as it does.

Ran my 5k for not parkrun in 30.17 , not too bad as i had 3 hills/ inclines.

Had a day off from running yesterday as the weather was beautiful and we made our way to Oban going through Glencoe. I've added some photos from yesterday.

Happy running 😊😊

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Well done!

We were in Scotland a few years ago on the motorbike. We liked Oban, but it’s hard to say for an English Southerner.

Buddy34Graduate10 in reply to Maddee_6333

Thanks , it is a beautiful country we live in. It was just great to get away for the day as our holiday was cancelled this year.

How are you ? πŸ€—πŸ€—

Maddee_6333Graduate10 in reply to Buddy34

Pretty good thanks.

Spent yesterday on the bed as my back really started to hurt on Thursday - think I’d just done too much.

Buddy34Graduate10 in reply to Maddee_6333

Take it easy and look after yourself πŸ€—

AlMorrGraduate10 in reply to Maddee_6333

Ha ha Maddee, if you think Oban is hard to say or pronounce, how about Auchtermuchty, Ecclefechan, Milngavie which is near Glasgow and pronounced as Mill guy, another few good Scottish name are Auchenshuggle, that's an area in Glasgow, Auchtermuchty, Freuchie, pronounced froo kay or even Dunfermline which are all in what we call "The Kingdom of Fife"

Maddee_6333Graduate10 in reply to AlMorr

It’s the fact that it looks like it should be simple to pronounce, but then you have to β€˜swallow’ half of it that gets me πŸ˜€ If somewhere looks like it’s going to be hard then I’m prepared πŸ‘


You took lovely photos of your day trip to Oban yesterday on what was the warmest day of the year, I had a day out yesterday as well, I went to St Andrews and saw around 11 runners

Well done on your 30.17 not parkrun time this morning, I ran my 7th not parkrun in a equal PB time of 33.12, that's more than three and a half minutes quicker than last week, there again, this week I did not run 10 miles, by the way my Smartphone has given me a official time of 2.03.41 for that 10 miles I ran on Wednesday 22nd July.

Buddy34Graduate10 in reply to AlMorr

Thanks AlMorr. Yes the body can be really tired after running 10 miles and takes a bit of time to recover. Well done on your not parkrun time and 3 and a half minutes quicker than last week just shows you've recovered from your long run quite nicely. Have a great day 😊😊

AlMorrGraduate10 in reply to Buddy34



It looks beautiful!


Wow looks so beautiful!


Brilliant Buddy, well run in the warmth. πŸ˜€πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸ‘Š What beautiful scenery you have. I’d be smiling all the way round my run if I had those gorgeous views to look at! 😍😍

Buddy34Graduate10 in reply to cheekychipmunks

It is beautiful , shame I live 106 miles from Oban😊


Middle photo. Was that one of your non Parkrun hills?!! Respect !

Buddy34Graduate10 in reply to HeavyFoot

🀣🀣can you imagine trying to run up that. Thankfully we were driving in the car through those hills

AlMorrGraduate10 in reply to HeavyFoot

That hill in Gaelic is called "Buachaille Etive Mor/The Herdsman of Etive" a hill which only experienced climbers should climb


Wow Buddy, wonderful photos!πŸ€— I’ve been across Rannoch Moor & through Glencoe many times & am always thrilled by the wild, dramatic beauty. Great timing for a hilly run. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜„

Buddy34Graduate10 in reply to Elfe5

Its absolutely stunning 😍


Buddy, wow! Gorgeous! and thats a great not parkrun time 😊

Ooooh. I went to the Highlands a few years ago and loved Glencoe. Your pictures are beautiful.


Great trip for you yesterday, lovely photos. Sometimes we just need to stop and take time to enjoy the countryside. Great 5k in 16deg. Happy running πŸ€—


Buddy, you are truly blessed!!!πŸ˜„


Glorious! Happy running!

🐱 Katnap 🐱


Wow, what a beautiful part of the world you live in 😍

And those hills have clearly done wonders for your training, great time πŸ‘


Such gorgeous pictures of your part of the country Buddy34. I guess Oban is quieter than normal without diving groups.

Well done on your not parkrun run too. πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ 🏴󠁧󠁒󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


Funnily enough I was in Argyll for the weekend too! It was our first trip including eating out since lockdown so it was very exciting. We were in Colintraive, Inverary, Kilmartin, Crinan and then up near Ardfern. Was gorgeous!


I recognise the pictures of Oban from our visit last year. We ran an out and back up along the coast and then over the back from Gavan Sands on what I assume is the parkrun route to the castle at the other side (but we weren’t there on a Saturday). It’s quite a few years since I have seen Glencoe, it doesn’t look like good running territory. Enjoy your trip.

Aww Buddy - that looks fab-u-lous!

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