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Gait Analysis & New Trainers (Runners Need)


I went to a Runners Need store to purchase new trainers and also wanted a Gait Analysis (never had one before!). After running solid for some 10 months I thought it was about time now.

I had taken in my existing running shoes and the sales assistant looked at them and told me immediately I was a neutral runner, I still asked for a gait analysis for confirmation and so we went through that too. If I’m honest it was an underwhelming experience, I just felt the staff would have been enthusiastic and passionate to talk to me and find out more about my running mileage and types of runs, but there was none of that.

Anyway I selected a pair of brooks, on the basis that he put me in brooks for the gait analysis and they felt very roomy for my flat wide feet. When I went to pay, he offered a price match, they were listed as £140 on the shelf but he knocked it down to £119. I was happy with that.

Apparently Brooks have been the number 1 trainer brand for 2 years running now.

Here’s to running happy and happy mileage in my new trainers.

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Oh yay new shoes! And they are so pretty!

I have my first pair of brooks following a brief gait analysis - I also found the experience underwhelming, but it seems to have found a decent shoe for me :)

I have done just under 100km in them so far. At first I wasnt really a fan, but more because of the aesthetics - they are silvery, and I always feel like lighter coloured shoes somehow make me look frumpier than I already am. But as for performance they are doing well! No real complaints, sometimes I feel like my heels are really hot but I think that is more likely to be a sock problem - need to get me some proper running socks soon...

Shoes are slightly more orangey now (I live in Australia and run on red gravel roads a fair bit), and I must admit the colour has grown on me a lot :)

But they are comfortable and I will most likely get them again when this pair reaches retirement!

JaoJaoGraduate10 in reply to motherduckling

Good to know you are doing well in your brooks and can vouch for them. For running socks I wonder if Decathlon has reached Australia yet? Have a look online, I have basic running socks by Kalenji and they have served me well.


I love those! 🥰


Pretty pretty 🥰


Ooooo like them 🥰


Pretty. I also have Brooks neutral shoes and I love them. Happy running. P.s. a pair of the Nike shoes that they are talking about on the news would be great, apparently they make you run faster 😅

JaoJaoGraduate10 in reply to Womangolfer

Haha yes the Nike controversy, looks like they might be illegal soon too haha!

sTrongFuseGraduate10 in reply to JaoJao

I knocked about 5 minutes of my 10k time the first time I ran in my Brooks Ghosts, compared to my Saucony Peregrines. I suspect that was more to do with the Brooks being a pure road shoe and Sauconys being a trail/road hybrid, but I took it...


Lovely new shoes. I went to get my trainers checked In runners need last weekend and they kindly told me they were good for another couple 100k, great. I currently tly have Brooks, brilliant shoes, enjoy yours. Happy running

JaoJaoGraduate10 in reply to Grannyhugs

Ah nice you didn’t have to spend any more money GTB! thank you, you too!

Nice shoes. I have brooks adrenaline 19 and I love them.

JaoJaoGraduate10 in reply to Maz1234

Happy running to you too x


Runners Need are part of Cotswold Outdoor. It’s a big company so I think it’s a matter of luck whether you get a sales assistant who’s passionate about running. On the plus side 15% discount is standard for them.

JaoJaoGraduate10 in reply to SlowLoris

Good to know, thank you 😊

Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to SlowLoris

Ooh , they must like your face SlowLoris. we have to show a National trust card to get a discount in Port Solent and Hedge End. I think they give a very good discount to vitality members too.


I've done about 400km in my Ghost 12s since I got them in September and they still seem to have as much life in them as they did when I tried them in the shop.

I hope you share many great hours and miles together...

JaoJaoGraduate10 in reply to sTrongFuse

Thank you SF 😊


Another happy Brooks runner. A shame about that experience. Enjoy the new shoes regardless.

JaoJaoGraduate10 in reply to Jay66UK

Thank you Jay 🙂


I’m loving your new trainers JaoJao are they as comfy as you thought they would be welcome to the Brooks club my lovely friend XX

JaoJaoGraduate10 in reply to Kevtrev

Hey Kev, do you wear Brooks too? My feet felt so “roomy” the moment I put them on for the gait analysis, my feet didn’t felt restricted like they do in the Asics.

I’ve been wearing my Brooks at every run to break them in ready for London Winter Run next Sunday 🙈

KevtrevGraduate10 in reply to JaoJao

Yes I still have my Brooks Ghost 11 since I graduated last June and I’ve still got about 200miles left in them and still going strong they won’t be my last pair either they are the best.

Good luck next Sunday and enjoy it hope your going with a friend as it’s not the same on your own but it’s the atmosphere that makes it even on your own but it’s nice to go with someone happy running JaoJao XX

JaoJaoGraduate10 in reply to Kevtrev

Yes I am going with a friend 🙂🙂 Although we are in different waves! Hopefully we catch up with each other at the end xx


I tried 2 of my local runners need branches for my 2nd pair of trainers and I was not impressed with them at all. I returned to my independent local running shop who are all well trained, they watch you running outside in the trainers instead of being on a treadmill and are basically much better trained. I loved my first Brooks but discovered that they had replaced them when I needed a second pair. The second pair have not been so great although I have run 473k in them .

Enjoy yours and if you really love them, buy another pair before they replace them with another version 😉

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