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Pain and Pleasure - nowt to do with 50 Shades


The pain - Thought I’d cracked it, compeed bunion plasters, anti blister socks and gel toe protectors for my 10k race last week, but none of it worked and resulted in a very large blister. So after gait analysis, new extra wide shoes I confidently set off for my 8k today in sunny but very windy conditions. Such hard work battling the wind though and after 4k, had to stop, pull the toe protector off because my foot was burning and saw the blister was back. Started running again and it felt a little better then I got a whiff of a gorgeous smell and I forgot the pain instantly. Pies! What images in my head, I can taste the buttery, flaky pastry now mmmmm! not had a pie for years, but instantly craved one.

Anyways, still had 4k to go, so ran on and over what I now call the Bluebirdrunner Bridge and spotted a little painted rock, it was still there when I returned, so any excuse for another little pause to take a photo. At 8km Clocks by Coldplay came on my playlist (and very apt because I’d been watching mine for yonks willing it to 8k soon please, I almost begged) I finished my run outside our little community centre and on top of the piano saw there were more painted rocks. No idea the story behind them but the piano is for anyone to use, donated by the local community board and painted by a local artist, possibly the rocks too? Discomfort forgotten I just ran 8k and finished with a smile. Have a great Wednesday everyone 😊 x

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Blisters! Bane of our lives 😤🤷‍♀️☹️

Me too 😁 you’re not alone

lexi6Graduate10 in reply to misswobble

They are literally such a pain, so sorry for you too. Not sure what I’m going to do because I really want to up my distance, guess I just put my big girl pants on. 🙂

SlowLorisGraduate10 in reply to lexi6

Surgical tape is good. Tape over the areas likely to rub.

Classic cure is two pairs of socks. Inner sock has to be very thin and stretchy so it fits like a second skin.

lexi6Graduate10 in reply to SlowLoris

Thank you for that SlowLoris, its well worth trying both of those suggestions. I’ll try the tape first for parkrun tomorrow.🤞

Sparkey500060minGraduate in reply to lexi6

2 socks works a treat as they rub together and not your skin. It’s a trick from hiking. Used to do this lots when I was into the longer hikes when I was younger. Hope you find what works for you x

lexi6Graduate10 in reply to Sparkey5000

Thanks so much Sparkey, I’m really keen to try this out now and am going to buy some socks for my next long run 😊


How absolutely lovely! What a pretty piano and such a kind thing to do.

Now, did you have the pie in the end?

lexi6Graduate10 in reply to Irishprincess

I love that someone thought of doing that for the community, as for the pie I was very tempted, but the bakery and I were separated by a steep bank and a wide and deep stream. Just as well, although I could have sat feet cooling down in the stream eating my pie! 🙂

GranspeedGraduate10 in reply to lexi6

Lovely vision. Do it next time by running the other side of the stream? 🤔

lexi6Graduate10 in reply to Granspeed

😂😂 now you’re talking.


Great hard earned run. Lovely photos. Hope you’ve found lasting solution to foot problems. Happy running

lexi6Graduate10 in reply to Grannyhugs

Thanks Granny, will keep trying different things with the foot problem, not giving in to the B-word yet


I love how the smell of pies made you forget your pain Lexi! I don’t blame you either - it’s the best smell! ❤️❤️

Well done on your fantastic, if windy, 8k! No mean feat! 💨 🏃‍♀️

lexi6Graduate10 in reply to cheekychipmunks

That pie smell rates as highly as the scent from the chocolate factory, which in a strong northerly wind, like yesterday, I can smell sometimes. Inhaling and no calories win win! 🙂

Lovely post...excellent run! Well done🎈

lexi6Graduate10 in reply to Annieapple

Thanks Annie and I’m going to do it all over again tomorrow. Isn’t it great this running?


I am sorry about your blister lexi6, dispite your anti blister socks, perhaps after your gait analysis and the new extra wide shoes you ran that 8K a little sooner than you should have, hence the blister coming back.

The smell of the pies would help you forget about the pain, congratulations on completing your run

I see you named part of the route, over a bridge after Bluebirdrunner, which reminded me that a regular here on Healthunlocked C25K and B210K, ButtercupKid named certain parts of her route after many people on the forum.

I hope you had one of the pies after your run, you certainly deserve one.

lexi6Graduate10 in reply to AlMorr

Thanks Alan, perhaps I did run too far too soon. I really want to go to parkrun tomorrow, so will cover the blister and try taping the foot. I love ButtercupKid’s naming of her routes, there’s an AlMorr one too isn’t there? 👍

AlMorrGraduate10 in reply to lexi6

Yes she named part of her route after me, she called it "The AlMorr Loop"

We all were inspired by her running and reports here on this forum that I named a whole 5K route after her, I called it

"The ButtercupKid 5K trail"

There are some photos of it from February last year.

lexi6Graduate10 in reply to AlMorr

I seem to remember your post and photos, will go back and re-visit. Its nice for me being so far away seeing everyone’s photos and picturing the routes you run, especially named in honour of VRB’s 🙂


You are tough Lexi! 🤗😊

You set out to do 8k and you nailed it, despite painful toes!😐

I'm loving that Bluebirdrunner bridge, and hope it cheers you every time you cross it. xx

The painted stones, and bluebird piano definitely warrant a photo too. Just lovely.

I hope that pesky blister heals up quickly and isn't giving you too much pain.

Super run and report.😊xxx

lexi6Graduate10 in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thanks BBr I will be more careful wrapping the blister and foot for tomorrow’s parkrun. Not going to let it beat me. Bluebirdrunner bridge I cross every run day, and on through the rose garden, its lovely, but I think I might add the community centre on to my route too. It cheered me up seeing the gorgeous piano 🙂 xx


Great to get the run done lexi6 amazing mind over matter! My 8k tomorrow I’ll be thinking of you to get me through.

lexi6Graduate10 in reply to Over62

Go you Over 62! Looking forward to hearing how your 8k went. 👍


gorgeous piano. I hope the blister heals up soon .

lexi6Graduate10 in reply to ju-ju-

Thanks ju-ju. I loved the sign above the piano which was an invite to others to bring instruments and have a group jam that; I would love to hear and see. Darn blisters, thank goodness they’re only temporary. 🙂


Love the 8km, love the painted piano, love the painted stones. Hate the blister. Hope it heals up soon.

lexi6Graduate10 in reply to BaddieThePirate

Thanks Baddie, ditto to everything you just said. I guess its amazing that this is the first blisters in two years of running, so will pad it well for parkrun tomorrow. 🙂


Uggh blisters. The burn! Compeed, fixomull, leukptape or rock tape, twin skin socks and wide fit shoes in many different brands - and I still end up with the burn and two massive blisters for anything over 10k. I have not found a fix.

Loving all that sunny blue in the pics. Just what we need over here 😍

lexi6Graduate10 in reply to linda9389

It must be so disheartening Linda. Guess its just going to be pull up my big girl pants and lots of plasters. Hope the sun makes an appearance soon for you all 🙁

linda9389Moderator in reply to lexi6

I always think it takes my mind off aching legs 😍

lexi6Graduate10 in reply to linda9389

😂😂 I can relate to that, I’m just back from parkrun, I was so busy trying to breathe, forgot about my blister. Note to self no planking before bed on a Friday night before parkrun and an extra day off from a longer run. PS It rained.

linda9389Moderator in reply to lexi6

Ooh, you've done pr already 😊. I'm still sitting here telling myself I shouldn't be drinking as I want to parkrun tomorrow 😍

lexi6Graduate10 in reply to linda9389

Oops also forgot the two little wines I had last night too. 🤭


Oh dear and blisters can be so painful. Anyway, you’ve got lots of suggestions so you’ll have to let us know what works best at parkrun. No parkrun for me tomorrow - my sister is marrying her partner of over 20 years 🥰 That piano is gorgeous!

lexi6Graduate10 in reply to Sandie1961

What a fabulous day to get married, how fantastic. Hope they and you have a wonderful day. Just back from parkrun still wearing my glow 🍅 wore blister plaster and tape today, was OK But I’ll try 2 pair of socks for my longer run next week. X


Running in the wind is so annoying! I definitely prefer hills. At least you get the payback of going down them.

How is it you're against the wind in one direction then against the wind again in the opposite direction?


🐱 Katnap 🐱

lexi6Graduate10 in reply to Katnap

😂😂 I know how does that work? I had the best of both today at parkrun ours is downhill all the way back and even though it was raining and windy, we are sheltered by the surrounding trees, never felt a thing. 🙂

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