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Plan? Sort of … Pace Judgement? Nah!


Didn't feel like chasing a season's best at parkrun this morning, so devised a cunning plan to run with Dexy5 to the 3k mark, then try 2 quick ks to the finish. Given I can usually do the whole run at around 5 mins/k, I thought the last 2 at around 4'45" might be possible …….

Anyway, apart from a technical which meant I didn't start my watch until the 500m point, things went reasonably well and we got to 3k at around 18'45", which was on track for a Dexy PB. At which point I opened my legs and showed my class, to slightly misquote a favourite Colemanball, bursting away from the group we'd been running with just like Farah breaking the opposition in an Olympic final, feeling oh so good :-) ……… for about 100m, covered in 24 secs which is 4'06" pace ……… followed by a steep decline :-( to just slower than my usual steady 5'00", which I wasn't able to raise again until the last 250m.

In other words, too fast too soon - again!! But it was fun trying something completely different at a parkrun, next time perhaps I'll try to go with the leaders for the first 10 paces …..

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My word, Stanley, the graphic tells it all! Still, it was a valiant experiment. And so soon after your Big Long Run, pretty impressive turn of speed. Very classy (I remember that Colemanball too, you've given me the giggles 😁)

Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to grumpyoldgirl

Yes where UTS’s speed increased mine reduced grumpyoldgirl. So no PB, as forecast. I think the long run in the heat took it out of us both.

grumpyoldgirl in reply to Dexy5

I have to say I admire you both for even going today. I waited in for my new sofa (it's lush 😊) then I sat on it watching an old mudsomer murder 😳

Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to grumpyoldgirl

I need to stop running and buy a new sofa and get work done on the house. I must confess I am now on the sofa watching Tour de France and diamond games

grumpyoldgirl in reply to Dexy5

🛋️ sometimes it's the only place to be. So long as we get up from it now and again 😁 Trouble is, now the rest of my house looks shabby 😂

Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to grumpyoldgirl


KatiepopsGraduate10 in reply to grumpyoldgirl

A perfectly respectable way to spend a Saturday.😂



Good run for you today UTS, that would be sub 25 minutes, nothing to be ashamed of, just watched the 5000m (5k) race at the Diamond League meeting in London, the winning time was 13.01


Speed work does burn those sugars more quickly. Maybe you need a couple of jelly babies to munch on. 😁

UpTheStanleyGraduate10 in reply to Katnap

I suppose I might be able to use the jelly babies’ brains to stop me running so stupidly quickly 🙄🤔

KatnapGraduate10 in reply to UpTheStanley

Save stupid quick for the last 100m! 😁


Blimey... well done you....speedy to the last.. almost... :) I think next time at Park run for something really different...... you could go really slowly and fool everyone:) Then, the next week... return to your mega fast mode:)

Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to Oldfloss

He thought he was going really slowly when he was running with me Oldfloss!


Wow. The first 10 paces! You are brave, I can’t stay with them for 5. That’s why I start near the back. I know my place.😂😂

Kat332zzGraduate10 in reply to Katiepops

I start at the front, I reckon I need all the help I can get, at the back I add several meters and several seconds to my race! I believe all those fast runners will be round me in 10 paces or so and I’ll be back where I should be soon enough.

Haha your graph made me laugh. A good try though, just a bit too soon. Maybe do it later... well done on your run in any case!

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